Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Having Fun in Lower Alabama

This past Sunday night I had nursery duty, so I snapped a couple of shots (not good ones) of Justus and his nursery buddies. Justus is the oldest. The other boys are all 15-16 months old.
We also squeezed in a family mall trip. The kids rode the carousel.

Everything is business as usual around here-busyness! We have many upcoming events at the church. Several ladies' and I are attending the Deep South Ladies' Conference this Friday and Saturday. I am looking forward to it. It is being held at our school's home church. There will be about 300 other women there. The theme is "Under Construction." In a couple of weeks I have another ladies' LIFT meeting. My theme this time is "Turn Up the Heat." The focus will be on not being a lukewarm christian. The decorations and food will all be chili peppers/Mexican. The other events coming up mostly have to do with the holidays--from Fall Festival to Thanksgiving Service and Meal to Christmas Pageant to Choir Cantata to New Year's Watchnight Service to Valentine's Banquet to February Missions Fundraiser to April Missions Trip. WOW!! What a list!!
School--I had one student slap another student today in my homeroom!! The thing is it wasn't a girl that slapped someone. A boy slapped another boy. Then we had a student have a seizure during chapel today. He is fine and doing well. He has had problems with seizures for sometime. Needless to say, it was an eventful day!!
Progress reports came out yesterday. Chloe did alright she had 4 A's and 3 B's. That is not her best. We found out that her B's (other than penmanship--she has terrible writing) are due to her not completing her homework. She also received one "Needs Improvement" check and the rest "Satisfactory" on her conduct/participation/attitude. She has lost her t.v. privileges until this improves. We have 3 weeks until report cards come out. Abigail did very well. She got all A's and all Excellents in her conduct/participation/attitude. The results from the progress reports are sort of ironic to us, because we have lots of problems from Abbie at home right now and hardly any from Chloe. :)
Enjoy your week!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do You Like Rats?

I was greeted with that question by a female student the other morning.
My response was: "Do I like RATS! Well, not particularly."
She then handed me this and said, "I saw this while I was in Houston, and I had to buy it for you."
It is a little chocolate cake made to look like a rat.
I ate the yummy little rat. It was a chocolate covered cherry flavor! DELICIOUS!!

Now, I am still questioning: "Why did she see this and think of me?"
I have shared my love for chocolate and cherries together and my love for Dr. Pepper with the class. Maybe that is why...maybe...

Some Serious Fans

So, I remember while we were attending Crown College in Knoxville that UT had some crazy fans. However, I don't remember ever seeing a gas station dedicated to the football team. This is where I buy my gasoline and a bag of YUMMY boiled peanuts. I brought my camera along, so I could share it with you.
This is the lady's car that she keeps parked here at all times. They do move it for games and parades.

I didn't take any pictures of the inside of the gas station. I didn't want to alarm anyone. But.... it is filled with memorabilia. If you want to buy a black and white checked Bear Bryant hat (I know about those thanks to my Papaw's collection of stuff) or an Alabama Roll Tide jewelry box or anything in between, this is the gas station for you. They have a WIDE variety.

Picture Review

Friend and Family Day at Church
We enjoyed a wonderful morning service of singing, preaching, fellowshipping, and eating.

This is Mrs. Melba, our church pianist and our adopted grandmother. She is so kind to our family. She spoils us all. Every week she brings the kids a big bag of individually wrapped M&M's for their lunch boxes. So, everyday they get a little bag of M&M's from Mrs. Melba.

That night we had a good old-fashioned singin' time. We had over 15 specials. The kids (minus Justus) sang with Aaron and I. This picture is actually of our practice time before church. Asher did sing with us during the service. We sang "Here Am I, Lord." We are trying to have them sing with us as often as possible.
This is Mrs. Pearl. I had to throw her picture in here too. She is in her 70's and usually just this quiet little old lady who sits in the back of the church. BOY! Can she really play this bass!! She is part of a group called "Gloryland Singers." She surprised us all.

The church surprised us with this gift on Friend and Family Day. It was beautifully displayed for all to see. I wasn't able to get a picture of that before it was all taken down that night. We now have it hanging above our piano.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Can't Believe It Has Been So Long!!

Oh my goodness!! It has been about 4 weeks since my last post!!

There is lots going on, I just haven't gotten to post about it yet. I did change our background. This is birthday month at our house. Aaron turned 32 last Sunday the 13th; I turn 32 this Sunday the 20th; and Justus turns 2 on Sunday the 27th. The church threw a big surprise birthday party for Aaron. We had a good time with lots of scrumptious food.

For a quick overview of what has been going on: SCHOOL, SCHOOL, and more SCHOOL. We have been busy with just everyday routines of school and lots of volleyball games and football games. I am overloaded with this Geometry class. I really don't like having to study so much each night just to be able to go in and teach the next day's lesson. I really wish that we would just do the A Beka video class and let me monitor it rather than this route we are currently in. It has just been way too long since I have done a math class. I am having to refresh myself on everything. It takes up too much of my home time. I love teaching my English classes. That is my subject. That is the subject I have done for years. I can easily teach a great Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling, or Literature lesson. All four of those are wrapped up in the A Beka curriculum as English once they hit the 7th grade.

Everything at church is going well. I just saw that the last time I posted we were about to have our Friend and Family Day at church. We had an AMAZING day!! We had 165 in church that day. That is the highest attendance that Crossroads Baptist Church has ever had. Everyone was so excited. How did we do it? Good, old-fashioned door knocking--Contrary to popular belief-it still works!!

We are currently going through a transitional time. Due to some issues in his home that I am not going to talk about, our youth pastor had to be let go, so Aaron and I are now also taking care of the teens. This has added a lot more to our plate. Aaron is now driving the van routes. We are teaching the teen Sunday School class. Also, we have moved the Wed. night teen club to Thursday nights, so that we can teach that. It is also a time of recovery for our youth group and our church. With the Lord's help, we are pulling through. Our church is a little more than an hour away from PCC. Aaron went this week and interviewed an intern. More than likely, we will have a PCC intern start this Sunday!! He will then be helping us with the van routes and the youth. We are looking forward to the help.