Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ice Cream and Summer Time

Oh what happiness the ice cream truck can bring to a kid in the summer time. These pics are actually from today (Wednesday--My computer clock is off. It posts as Thursday)

These two went directly to the bathtub after this.

Farewell at Steak -N-Shake

We had the New Testament Church Pioneers from Crown College and Temple Baptist Church in Powell, TN with us for the past two weeks. Our NTCP guys were Justin and Dane. They were very hard workers and a great help to us and our church. We hated to see them go. Check out their blog here and to find out more about the New Testament Church Pioneers go here.
After church on Sunday night, several of our church members went out with us and the guys to Steak-N-Shake. We filled one whole area at Steak-N-Shake. We had a fun time!
Part of our group

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Church Preschool Father's Day Program

This past Sunday, the kiddos were in a Father's Day play at church. Chloe was the narrator. Abbie and Asher had a couple of small lines.

Check out this video of Asher's class. Asher was a microphone hog. He was so funny.
Don't forget to pause the music on the sidebar.

Fishing With the Coffeys

When Mark and Amy Coffey were here with us for our Missions Conference a couple of weeks ago we went fishing at a church family's house. The pictures are small b/c I copied these from Amy's facebook page. My camera battery died that day
Abbie and Emilee
Asher and Luke

More Vacation Pics

The back of our jeeplunch time
Justus tried a lemon
Notice the rock in the bottom left side of this picture...

This was on that rock!!! Yes right there!! That close to my kiddos and me!!!!

Then it went into the water....
where Justus was playing!!! It didn't bother us, but it sure was scary!!
Justus LOVES playing in the water!

The kids were exhausted after a long day of riding in the jeep and playing in the creek.

On our way to Dollywood, we saw this coming down the main road. All traffic was stopped dead in its tracks.

The best part was that there were men riding on the top of the house.
The kids playing in the water

the kids admiring the bald eagle
the train ride at Dollywood
Below are a couple of videos. Click pause on the music on my sidebar in order to hear the video.

More of the LIFT "Precious Memories"

I am trying to get caught up on some pictures and things that I need to post. Here are some more from our ladies' meeting.

That is me behind the dress. Some of the ladies' wanted to get a picture with my head on the mannequin and my dress. Somebody grabbed my camera and got one from the side view.
The wedding cake that Mrs. Sharon, our church secretary, made for the meeting.

We all enjoyed looking through the many wedding albums. It was neat to see all of the different styles of weddings. We had wedding pictures to look at from 3 months ago to over 60 years ago.

The following are pictures of the lovely ladies enjoying fellowship with one anther.
The blonde smiling REALLY big in this photo is Stephanie, the youth pastor's wife.