Friday, June 5, 2009

Good Fellowship with Old Friends

It is Missions Conference at our church this week. We have some friends of ours from college here with us, Mark and Amy Coffey. They are representing The Peru Bible College and Vision Baptist Missions. We got to know them very well on the activity center porch at Crown College--that was the place for couples to sit and spend time together. The four of us spent many hours rocking together in those rocking chairs laughing about what was going on at school at the time and talking about our married lives to come and our ministries to come. We also had some great debates about a few other hot topics. We are having a great time --10 years later-- catching up.

Here are a few pictures of our trip to the USS Alabama yesterday. Again, I have a lot more to post of our time with them, but..... I don't have enough time to post right now. Check back again later. Chloe isn't in the picture, because she stayed with my parents. We will have her back home in a week or so.


Miranda said...

It is so great to have fellowship with old friends! Have a great time this week! Missed you!

Dani Joy said...

That´s great! Praise the Lord that after 10 years you all are still faithful! I am so amazed at how many I went to school with who are not walking with the Lord or have dropped out of the ministry. I found out by joining FB. A not so happy story for FB. It made me sad.

This is a happy story for me to read. Thank you for sharing.

Hope you have a blessed time!