Monday, March 30, 2009

Asher's Speech

YEAH! Asher officially starts his speech therapy again today!!

As most of you know our Asher has had a battle with his hearing due to chronic ear infections until he was 15 months old. He has had three surgeries to improve his hearing. He has now gone from 32% hearing in his ears to 100% hearing. We give God all the glory for his full recovery!! After his 3rd surgery he was tested and there was only 1% hearing improvement. We started praying and had our church start praying. A month later at a routine well child check-up his ears were tested. He had full hearing!!!! The pediatrician sent us to an audiologist that day to have his hearing retested in a sound proof room. Sure enough, the test again showed full hearing. The doctors were stumped! We weren't! God did it!!!
He has been through over a year of speech therapy before but without his full hearing. Therefore, there was no improvement. How can you say it correctly if you can't hear it correctly?

Now that he has full hearing we have been working to get him back into therapy through the public school system. They will give therapy for special needs as young as three. He has been to a speech therapist for the past couple of weeks, but just for some testing. He failed his speech test!! That is a good thing. It means that he needs therapy. He starts his actual lessons today. He will be going twice a week until the end of the school year and in the future for as many years as needed.

If he attends Kindergarten in a private school we will have to pay for the lessons during the kindergarten year, but not in the other school years. I think it is a trap to get parents to leave their kids in the public school system. Once the child has gone one year, the parents are more likely to leave them for the other years.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Still Catching Up- VBS Cajun Bayou Luncheon and King's Kids

Today after our Sunday morning service we had a luncheon fundraiser for VBS. We are doing a Cajun Bayou theme for VBS; Crocodile Doc is our VBS mascot. We served red beans and rice, jambalaya, mac-n-cheese, chicken nuggets, cornbread, mississippi mud cake, and dirt pudding with gummy worms. Our church folks gave donations to eat. All of the money raised will go towards VBS.

We had 92 people in the services today. I am not sure how many people stayed to eat. I do know that we set up 75 seats in the fellowship hall, and they were all taken. I had to open up the side Sunday school rooms for overflow.

These are some of the kids that we pick up on the van.

Our kiddos

Some of the kids playing in the gym after the luncheon.

Our King's Kids program officially starts this coming Wednesday. We are sooooo excited to get this program started. We have been working hard and long days to get everything prepared.
The King's Kids Award Wall: The kids will work towards earning badges, a t-shirt, ribbons, trophies, and several other things.

We have taken a hall way in the gym and made it to display all of the badges as the club members earn them. Soon it will be lined with ribbons and filled with badges.

More Catching Up- Asher's Overalls and Abbie's Field Trip

Asher got these new red and white checked overalls. He loves them, because they are red- his favorite color. Aaron can't stand them. He says that they are girly. I think Asher looks so cute in them. I am going to switch out the buttons for some baseball buttons and maybe put some thing baseball on the front.
Abigail had a field trip this past Monday to the Partridge Plantation.

Two of the "3 Little Pigs"

The pigs and their brick house.

The gravestone of the Big Bad Wolf.

The plantation owners took the inside of an old bus and turned it into the baby animal petting area.

Abbie petting the baby bunny.

Abbie petting the baby chic.

I had to go back inside and take a picture of the bus. It was so neat and creative.

They also had this great swing made out of a log that looked like a horse. Several kids piled on this thing at one time.
The old hound dog that came along for the hayride.

This old looking outhouse had just a regular toilet in it. Very funny!

Abbie with some of her class. All three of the girls in this picture with Abbie live on our street.

The wash bucket
Abigail did not feel very well on this field trip. At lunch time she did not eat; she fell asleep. She slept an hour and a half with kids running, playing, and screaming all around her.

Catching Up

Again, we are really busy around here with church and home. I am going to try and get my blog all caught up on pictures. So, here is the first of several posts of pictures.

Kayla and her mom were visiting Pensecola Christian last weekend were able to come and spend the night with us last Saturday and go to church with us on Sunday am. Then they came back on Wednesday, took all four kids to the Exploreum, and came to church with us again on Wednesday night. We miss Kayla a lot. She has a special place in our hearts and really our family. We were all glad to see her, the kids especially. We are all looking forward to her being at PCC in the fall. She will only be about an hour away from us. Last Sunday night was our first baptism service since we have been here at Crossroads Baptist. Praise the Lord, eight people were baptized! We already have another baptismal service scheduled for April. Praising the Lord again for the souls that have been saved!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Have Been Tagged

Pilar has tagged me. I have to tell 7 things about myself that are not common knowledge. Yes, I have done this before, but maybe there is something about me you don't know yet!
1. I am not usually a materialistic person, but.... I would love to go one day and buy some REALLY expensive high heel shoes. If they cost that much, they have to be comfortable. Right?
2. Financially we had to enroll our kids in public school after our move in order to finish the school year, and I am HATING it. This last 9 weeks can't be over fast enough. They WILL be enrolled in church school or homeschooled next year. I don't like having absolutely no sayso in what is being taught to them or shown to them or sung to them.
3. I want to take a cake decorating class someday. You know they offer those at Hobby Lobby.
4. I could spend several hours in Hobby Lobby.
5. I really enjoy teaching, but... I like for my students to be in at least the 4th grade. I just don't enjoy it as much with the younger ones. You would think I would since my kids are not that age yet.
6. I went to Christian school for 1st and 2nd grade. I went to public school for 3rd-10th grade. I went to Christian school for 11th and 12th grade.
7. In 4th-10th grade I was a cheerleader. I was that homecoming and cheerleader girl in junior high and high school--- a long time ago. I don't know that girl anymore.
I am tagging:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tour Our New Home: Part 4- Master Bedroom and Laundry Room

So here is the last of our new home. The master bedroom off of the living room.

The view from the door

The view from the door into the master bathroom.

Laundry room- view from the door. The other door goes to the garage.