Monday, March 30, 2009

Asher's Speech

YEAH! Asher officially starts his speech therapy again today!!

As most of you know our Asher has had a battle with his hearing due to chronic ear infections until he was 15 months old. He has had three surgeries to improve his hearing. He has now gone from 32% hearing in his ears to 100% hearing. We give God all the glory for his full recovery!! After his 3rd surgery he was tested and there was only 1% hearing improvement. We started praying and had our church start praying. A month later at a routine well child check-up his ears were tested. He had full hearing!!!! The pediatrician sent us to an audiologist that day to have his hearing retested in a sound proof room. Sure enough, the test again showed full hearing. The doctors were stumped! We weren't! God did it!!!
He has been through over a year of speech therapy before but without his full hearing. Therefore, there was no improvement. How can you say it correctly if you can't hear it correctly?

Now that he has full hearing we have been working to get him back into therapy through the public school system. They will give therapy for special needs as young as three. He has been to a speech therapist for the past couple of weeks, but just for some testing. He failed his speech test!! That is a good thing. It means that he needs therapy. He starts his actual lessons today. He will be going twice a week until the end of the school year and in the future for as many years as needed.

If he attends Kindergarten in a private school we will have to pay for the lessons during the kindergarten year, but not in the other school years. I think it is a trap to get parents to leave their kids in the public school system. Once the child has gone one year, the parents are more likely to leave them for the other years.


Becky said...

I am so happy that Asher got his hearing back. I had ear troubles as a child and almost lost my hearing. I had surgery and got my hearing back. I was about 8 years old when it happened. Ever since I have been very sensitive about my hearing. Glad to know that Asher will be in speech class. I am sure that the Lord will bless Asher in his class.

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Praise the Lord! That is such good news especially for a mother's heart:)