Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Catching Up- Asher's Overalls and Abbie's Field Trip

Asher got these new red and white checked overalls. He loves them, because they are red- his favorite color. Aaron can't stand them. He says that they are girly. I think Asher looks so cute in them. I am going to switch out the buttons for some baseball buttons and maybe put some thing baseball on the front.
Abigail had a field trip this past Monday to the Partridge Plantation.

Two of the "3 Little Pigs"

The pigs and their brick house.

The gravestone of the Big Bad Wolf.

The plantation owners took the inside of an old bus and turned it into the baby animal petting area.

Abbie petting the baby bunny.

Abbie petting the baby chic.

I had to go back inside and take a picture of the bus. It was so neat and creative.

They also had this great swing made out of a log that looked like a horse. Several kids piled on this thing at one time.
The old hound dog that came along for the hayride.

This old looking outhouse had just a regular toilet in it. Very funny!

Abbie with some of her class. All three of the girls in this picture with Abbie live on our street.

The wash bucket
Abigail did not feel very well on this field trip. At lunch time she did not eat; she fell asleep. She slept an hour and a half with kids running, playing, and screaming all around her.


Pilar Stark said...

Aawww, she looks so sweet.Is she feeling better now?

Becky said...

That bus is very cool. Looks like it was a fun field trip.