Sunday, March 22, 2009

Outdoor Fun

Our kiddos have been needing new bicyclyes. Abigail had an itty bitty bike that she was still riding. She looked like the crazy lady from the Wizard of Oz. When she peddled her knees came well above her handle bars. Asher- our 4 year old- was still riding a tricycle. Aaron and I made a deal.... every time we got a craving to go out to eat, we would put the money that it would have cost away and save for the kids new bikes. Well....this week....

Abbie got a new bike!
Asher got a new bike!Justus got Asher's tricycle. His legs don't reach the peddles yet, but they will soon!
Chloe got some work done on her bike. We were going to buy her a 20" bike, but she is my daughter.--She has short legs! We have to find one that the seat can be lowered enough for her to reach the peddles.

A cute little video of Justus! Pause the music and push play!


Dani Joy said...

What a great idea! Congratulations!!
Bikes are great! Now I need one to keep up with my crazy boys! jeje

Pilar Stark said...

Where did you get Abbie's cullotes (sp?). We have some people coming from the States and maybe I can ask them to bring me some for the girls. There is no way I can find those here :)