Friday, March 13, 2009

Finally I am Posting Again!

I know; I know! It's about time I updated the blog again. I have been super busy at church preparing for our King's Kids program that we are starting April 1st, organizing, putting together packets for canvasing neighborhoods, decorating my classroom, and planning for our first L.I.F.T. (Ladies In Fellowship Together) meeting which is April 7th. ( How do you like the ladies group name? I thought it was cute. ) Also yesterday we started working on a church website. I am doing a blog for each one of the different ministries. When you click on the ministry, it will automatically link you to the blog. It helps for a quicker load of the website, and we will be able to add more options and pictures to the ministry pages through links to a blog. Check out what we have gotten accomplished so far---

So this post will have different categories....lots to catch up on!

Chloe-What to Wear?

Chloe is now at the age where she is very picky about what she wants to wear. I thought this would not be too much of a problem now that we have school uniforms. However... Boy was I wrong! She is particular about what khaki bottom she wants to wear, what navy blue shirt, and even how she wants her hair done. I put her clothes out after she goes to bed. She has been leaving me notes out on her desk. This is the first one. I laughed and laughed! She even payed me to pick out what she wanted!!! HILARIOUS!!

Yes! I know her handwriting is atrocious!!

Day at the Park

We have a great park here for the kids. It is called the Playland Express. We took the kids last Saturday--remind me not to go on a Saturday again! There were soooo many kids which made it very difficult to keep up with our four. The kids had a blast; Aaron and I were worried about losing one of them.

A Great Find

While I was planning for the first LIFT meeting, I came across this wonderful room in our church. This is just one side of it. Why is it wonderful? It is filled with tons of decorating items for every occasion. What makes it even more wonderful? It is all organized just how I like it---in labeled storage bins!! YEAH!! I spent a couple of hours today grouping the bins and looking through all of the goodies!


John_n_Tascha_Piatt said...

WOW - i envey that storage room!! looks like FUN!! :) i love to decorate.... glad all is going well with your new church... and Chloe is hysterical... I think Kyria may be like that soon :(
glad to see you back on the blog :D

Dani Joy said...

Hi again! Great to see you back! I know though it must be very busy getting settled in!

What a great closet you have at church. I want one. jeje

Great pictures of the park. How fun!

And how about that letter from your daughter. That is definitely a nice way to ask for what she wants to wear instead of complaining. Very ingenious.

Love the name of the Ladies group too! Great Idea!

Big hug, sister!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Love, love, love the note! So cute.

Girls are so funny.... this week Emma informed me that her favorite color changes each day???? How am I supposed to keep up with that?

Pilar Stark said...

Hey,welcome back :)
1.- The name for the ladies meeting... just too cute :)
2.- The money your daughter left you for the job of picking the proper clothes.... wayyyyy tooooo cute!!!
3.- That storage room is the best, but I notice that whoever was taking care of the church must be amazing because I remember being surprise about the fellowship hall being all decorated, usually it won't be this way unless there is a special something going on :).. although maybe there was, still it was so nice everywhere.

Cathryn said...

A beautiful family you have. May the Lord bless your alls efforts in this new church. Blessings ~ Cathryn