Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our Greatest Ministry- OUR HOME

I really enjoy this blog "Warm Pie, Happy Home" and wanted to share it with all of you. It is written by Ruth. She has a great heart and gift for the home.

Every time I go to her blog I feel like I have stepped right into a Norman Rockwell painting, "The Andy Griffith Show", or "Leave it to Beaver". I always leave encouraged to do something great for my kids or husband and wanting to do more to have a truly happy home filled with laughter and love. This is a heavy burden that I ask God for help with daily. I want less fighting and more laughing among my children. I realize that this has to start with me-mama.

We have to work on our marriages and think of ways to continue to show our husbands how much we love them other than just saying "I love you." Love is an action not just words. It takes work and conscious effort.

Just like with our husbands, we have to do this with our children. Think of little ways to show them how much you love them. It is those little things that we do everyday that they will remember. I have a little song that I sing with each of my children individually every night before we pray and go to bed. They will come and get me to sing this song with them before they go to sleep, and they don't want to sing it with each other. It has to be just me and the one child. It is a little thing that I started one night, but OH MY, I could not stop doing it now. It is one thing they love, and it lets them know that I love them.

Ruth has lots of little things that have become everyday routines in her home that let her children know that she loves them. One of her most recent posts has a little snack tray. I love the idea and am probably going to adapt a similar idea in my home. My kids have a snack everyday when they come home from school- every child has a snack time somewhere in their day. It is just the little touches that she has added. She serves the snack in a cute little muffin tray (click on words to go directly to post). You know kids love to eat off of trays. It just makes anything more special. She has also added little bows to the tray. She also has an adorable little chore chart. You have to check out Ruth's blog to see her cute ideas.

Be encouraged in the greatest ministry God has given to us wives and mother's --OUR HOME. We have a mission of motherhood.

"Give her of the fruit of her hands: and let her own works praise her in the gates."
Proverbs 31:31


Pilar Stark said...

Thanks for sharing, I will check her out for sure. We can never show enough love to our husband and kids.

John_n_Tascha_Piatt said...

Thanks Rachel...

Miranda said...

Going to check it out now! Loved your post! You are such an inspiration to me! I love ya!


Becky said...

I love this post Rachel! Thank you so much for your encouraging words and for your prayers.

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Thanks for sharing.... I loved her ideas, and have been working on my own Happy Day To-Do Lists for the kids. Maybe I'll post one:)