Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's Up Around Here

Hello, everyone! I have been trying to keep up with my blog as much as I did before we moved. So far, it has been difficult. There is sooo much that we have to do at the church in order to get things organized--visitation programs, King's Kids club, VBS, church website, ladies meeting, bulletin boards, etc.... Anyway...

We had our first organized visitation time yesterday morning. It was wonderful! Twenty-two people came!! We went door to door in the neighborhood closest to our church and passed out little bags with tracts, flower seed packets (for Spring time), and information on our church. It was a "Come Grow With Us" themed bag. We made several good contacts. We are praying that we will see some growth from the seeds that were planted. We pray that people will come to church and most of all that people will accept Jesus as their Savior.

Check out our new church website. We are just getting it up and running.

A few pics...

The boys' train sets and Asher's toy box did not make it here during the move. Either they were stolen or taken somewhere else. They were the only things we were missing after the move. ???? So, I finally got the boys some new train pieces. I found them at the Kidz Klozet consignment sale. They are glued down to the table, and both boys are enjoying it. (The girls too!)

This past weekend we had a house full of sick kids. Chloe had it the worst--vomitting and really high fever. She slept most of the day for three days.
Abbie fell asleep while she was hiding in her closet.

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John_n_Tascha_Piatt said...

Hey Rachel... that is great about your first visitation meeting!!
I clicked on the link to your church's website, but nothing came up?? is the link right? just curious...
love to see new church websites!! (John does ours and is getting ideas for revamping it this summer!!) :)