Monday, March 16, 2009

For Emily-Everyone else ignore.

They really didn't have many kids' clothes at our Kohl's. It is a small Kohl's . Also once you cross over to the girls' size 7 and above, the dresses are not pretty. A lot of them are just not appropriate for a little girl. So there weren't many options. We tried to find ones in the smaller section that would fit them.

6x on Chloe

same 6x on Abbie

We also LOVE this one, but could not try it on, b/c they didn't have the 6x. This one is our favorite/first pick.

Looking for the boys was UGH! They didn't really have anything in Asher's size (4 or 4t). This was all we could find for Justus. It is a little short outfit. I like the ones that have a button over the shoulder, but not the ones who have the bib overall style shoulder. So... whatever you think is cute for the boys. Justus- 18 months


John_n_Tascha_Piatt said...

i know you said "for emily" but I had to read about those beautiful dresses!!! I understand, Kyria is about to be at the size where cute khol's dresses dont work anymore too... she is SOO tall that a size 6 barely hits her knee... did you find some good deals at the kid's kloset?
also - LOVE the hairbows... if my girls would keep them in - i'd make them!! Kyira just loves ribbon tied around her ponytail - and Anya wont keep anything in longer than 5 minutes!! but I don't like my hair up much either... so cannot fault them :)
have a great day!!

John_n_Tascha_Piatt said...

oh - you can see her in a size 6 dress from khols when she's singing... in my last post... her legs are SOOO skinny!!! :) My Aunt bought her and Anya matching dresses... - they were cute :)