Thursday, October 30, 2008

Colts Game Pics

Titans' stadium in Nashville. It looks like these TN people were freezing. Aaron said that it was cold, but not that cold.

Aaron and Bo were sitting so high in the stands that this was their view of the fireworks.

The Titans entering the field.

Aaron and my brother, Bo. They look like they were pretty bundled up themselves.


We actually had a few snow flakes this morning as the kids were getting off to school. It was a cold 27 degrees this morning. However, they didn't last long our hight for the day is suppose to be 59.

By the way, if you haven't heard, the Colts lost the game. I think the final score was 31 to 21. Aaron still had a good time.

Three of our kids have dentist appointments today. Then we have to collect money and distribute items from the kids' school fundraiser. Fundraisers are one of my least favorite things. Tonight I am going to try to rent the new American Girl movie, Kit Kitteradge, for the kids and I to watch. Aaron will be out visiting.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Night Football

Aaron is driving to Nashville today. He and my brother are going to the Colts vs. Titans Monday night football game, so look for him on your tv screen. The ticket to the game was from his mom for his birthday. He is excited. Maybe he will take some pics that I can put on here.

The Tennessee Titans are undefeated. The Colts have not had a good season this year. Aaron hopes that he isn't driving all the way to Nashville to watch them lose. It will be a shocker if they do win, but if they do he will get to experience a great game!

Parents Night Out- No Kids Allowed

We had a good time at Emily's on Saturday night. Here are some of the pics that I took.

Emily taking a picture of me taking a picture.Richard, Tiffany, and Jason
Emily and Gary- Emily is saying "OH!"
Ashley, Amber, Josh, Kimber, and Corey
Tonya looking through what looks like binoculars, but I am not sure.

Aaron wouldn't let me put any pictures of the two of us on here. I also don't have one of Rob on here, b/c he is in the pic with Aaron and I. I didn't get one of Joe either. Those are his legs beside Tonya.

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window...The sky is a dark gray and covered with thick snow clouds. It is c-c-cold today. We actually have snow predicted for today and tomorrow.

I am thinking...I am not ready for the snow yet. I want the fall weather.

I am thankful for...a warm, cozy home. The Lord has always provided us with the means to have a nice home to live in.

From the kitchen...all is quiet and clean , breakfast- pancakes, lunch- hot sandwiches, dinner- a yummy warm soup

I am husband's flannel shirt that he passed on to me when we were first together. I love wearing it. It is/was his, and it is roomy, warm, and cuddly. (Warmth is obviously on my mind today. I just noticed that I have used that word three times.)

I am creating...piles of freshly laundered and folded clothes, boxes of clothes to pass down to little ones in the family, decorations for the Ladies' Christmas party on Dec. 6th

I am going...nowhere other than to get the kids from school

I am reading...Romans

I am hoping...that Aaron has a safe trip to Nashville and a good time going to the Colts game tonight

Around the house...laundry and organizing the closets some more- yes, I am still sorting through the summer season clothes

One of my favorite things...fall scented candles- I love the hazelnut and mulled cider scents the best!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Tues- ministry workers banquet at the Good News Mission in Indy with some of our friends who are also pastors and pastors wives, Wed- mid- week prayer service at church, Thurs- kids' dentist appointmen, Fri- stay in and play games with the kids, Sat- van visitation and family time

Here is picture thought I am sharing... This is a picture of the Chloe and Abbie playing in the snow a couple of years ago. This was the first big snow of that year.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Our Candy

Alright, the kids and I did manage to get some candy made this afternoon. They are a little sloppy for our first batch, but I am sure they will get prettier with each try. They are super rich and sweet in taste. No one could eat a whole one. They are wrapped up for tomorrow.
These are nothing fancy. I said I had a recipe for making candy. As I read it, all it took was melting some candy melts, putting the melted candy in a mold, putting in a pretzel stick, and covering with more candy. It was messy for the little ones, but they had fun.

Update on Life Around Here

We have been very busy this week. We had fall revival at church. Bro. Darrell Hayes from Georgia was our speaker. I really enjoy hearing him preach. He is very direct. He speaks plainly and truthfully.

The Lord dealt with my heart about worshipping Him more. I need to spend more time thanking him, singing to Him, talking to Him about His goodness to me, and talking to Him about the wonder of Him. I read my Bible. I study. I pray. I am serving Him each day. I am busy with the work and ministries of the church. However, it is very important that I stop, slow down and just worship and adore Him more. I believe it will completely change my relationship with the Lord.

Overall, we had good revival services with hearts being stirred. However we don't have revival just because we have a meeting and revival doesn't stop with the meeting has ended. Revival happens in our hearts when we are willing to listen to follow and to obey the Lord's stirring voice. I pray that we will do these things and continue to see revival in our church.

Yesterday, I was in a baking mood. I made a pumpkin roll and a pumpkin pie. The pumpkin roll was delicious. I used my friend Miranda's recipe. She got it from an Amish recipe. Click on her name for the recipe. It is very easy! I don't know if the pie is good. We haven't had any yet.

Today is going to be a lazy day. I am exhausted after the going, going, going of the week. It is cold, dark, rainy, and dreary outside today. It is a curl up on the couch and watch an old movie type of day. I am planning to drink some warm cider and do just that. I may also make some homemade fall candy with the kids after school. I found a recipe and these cute pumpkin molds. I will also do some laundry, take care of the kids, and cook our meals. Those are a given for everyday.

Tomorrow night we are going to a party at Emily's house. It is just for the grown ups, so the kids will be staying at home with Kayla. I am looking forward to getting a night out with some adult conversation. I enjoy being with my kids, but every mother needs a little time away every now and then. I am long overdue.

A 2nd Tag

A new friend, Jessica, has tagged me. I know that I just did this, but I am going to do it one more time. Click here to read my last tag list. I will wait a while before doing this again. How bad could it be getting to learn wierd or stupid things about me? I am giving you more things to add to your list to pick on me about.

Here are the rules...
1-post the rules
2-write 6 random things about yourself
3-tag 6 people at the end
4-taggers start with rule #1

1. I love sour candy. The more sour the better.

2. I will not wear sandals or anything that shows my toes in public unless my toenails are painted.

3. I must have the shower curtains closed at all times. I can't stand for them to be left open.

4. My favorite juice is cranberry juice. I was made to drink it as a kid, because of some problems that I had. I can remember having to stay in the kitchen until it was all gone. I hated it then; I love it now.

5. Tulips are my favorite flower. I love the spring time when these flowers pop out. They don't stay very long though. Every year at college during the spring time there were tulips everywhere on campus. I love the bright, vibrant colors of these flowers.

6. I don't mind folding clothes, but I dislike putting them all up. I don't know why. I do it though, because I can't stand the cluttered mess of clothes everywhere.

I am not going to tag six more people this time:)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Exciting Day: Circus, A+, 2nd Place Artist, and a Poem

The Circus Comes to School

Asher's preschool class put on a circus today.Asher was furocious lion! Here he is crawling in with the tiger. The lion tamer had Asher the Furocious Lion do many tricks.
The lion tamer told Asher the Furocious Lion to sit still.

This little girl was the brave tight rope walker. She was very serious about her act.

This little girl was the amazing horseback rider. She did lots of stunts with her horse.

These two were little doggies. They caught sticks, sat up, and jumped through the hoops.The teacher/clown brought her own dog to perform also.Abbie and her friend, Savannah(who just got her haircut to match Abbie's), enjoyed watching the circus from the front row.Justus watched the circus, but he really wanted out of his stroller.

Abigail brought home her first test grade. She got an A+! We are very proud of her!We are also very proud of Chloe. She won 2nd place in the drawing contest at school! She won a box of Mrs. Warner's yummy, homemade chocolate chip cookies. The contest was to draw and decorate a volleyball in support of the girls' volleyball team. They did not give her back the drawing, so she just held up her box of cookies.

Chloe also wrote a poem at home yesterday all by herself. I am so thrilled to see her writing. It is even more exciting when she writes things like this. I am glad to see that she has a heart for Christ. The little ones understand much more than we give them credit for sometimes. :

Our Great Mighty God

Our great, mighty God

So powerful and good.

He made the sun, moon, and stars

Fish, birds, and me also.

I love our great, mighty God so much.

He is great, mighty, and good.

I love Him as I should.

by: Chloe Smith, age 7

Monday, October 20, 2008

Important Info on Obama

A friend of mine has posted some very interesting information on Obama on her blog. You should definately go read it. Really! GO READ IT! Click here. She cites where she found the info, so you can also look it up for yourself.

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window...a light frost is on the ground. Last Monday it was unusually warm around here. Today it is cold. The temperature went way down last night.

I am thinking...I wonder if the cold weather is going to stick around this time or are we going to have another warm spot.

I am thankful family. I love them. I have been blessed with a husband who is very good to me and kids who are pretty good most of the time. They have there moments, but overall they are good, happy kids. (I used the word good a lot. My vocabulary is obviously limited today.)

From the kitchen...the smell of a freshly mopped floor. breakfast:cereal; lunch:chicken casserole, mashed potatoes, & corn on the cob; dinner: to be announced

I am blue sweatshirt, khaki culottes, & warm socks

I am plans for a baby shower I am throwing Sunday night after church, decorations for the Ladies Christmas party, clean/organized closets(it is time to completely switch out the warm weather clothes for the cold weather clothes--that is a big chore for anyone with several kids)

I am get the kids from school and to the revival at church tonight

I am reading... KJV Bible- I Thessalonians, How to Raise a Gentleman by Kay West, Boys and Girls Who Became Great Missionaries by John Mueller

I am get my housework done quickly today

I am hearing...the sound of the furnace blowing. We had to turn it on last night.

Around the and preparing lunch

One of my favorite things... Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, The kind from the can is good, but my favorite is one that is made from a fountain drink with added flavoring. Like a you can get at a diner or Steak-N-Shake.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...attend the revival at church each night, go to a party at Emily's on Sat.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

An oldie, but a goodie. This is Asher enjoying chewing on a corndog stick. Yeah, I know his hair is really long here. He looks like one of the girls. He was about 6 months old in this pic.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

One of those days...

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to be going as it is suppose to? I am having one of those today. I guess that God wants to see how flexible I really am. Today must be a test.

I found out about 9:00 last night that I had to teach the 3 and 4 year old Sunday school class. Okay, I can handle it. We had two new students in there today. They did not know how to behave. I take that back. They have not been taught how to behave. They were more than a handful. I felt like I was in a battle the entire class time. I was working on a lesson that had to be quickly thrown together, so I already was a little off and feeling unprepared.

Then I found out that I had to do the special music for the morning service. Okay, I can do it. I grab a few books and find a song in between Sunday school and the start of the service. Next during hand shaking time I find out that I am needed to help in the nursery. Okay, I can do it right after I sing. I will miss the preaching, but I'll be there.

Then while in the nursery I am needed outside with the kids to take pictures. We had a special day for them with the local firemen and firetrucks. Okay, I can do it. Every time I tried to push the button for my pics to take the camera shut down on me. No problem I'll get the pics with my cell phone. No, my cell phone buttons are frozen. Only the power button works. I guess I need a new phone. I used someone else's phone. They are going to try to email them to me.

Then I see that the lady that is singing tonight is also in the nursery tonight. Alright, no problem, I will hold her spot in the nursery until she can get there. No, tonight is the only night she can come to the revival. She wants me to do her nursery time for her. Okay, but again I am going to miss the preaching.

I get home after church. My lasagna noodles didn't cook all the way. Lunch is just not as good as it should be, but it is food. We ate a little. It is cooking some more. Hopefully we can have it tonight after church.

Don't worry. I am not having a bad day even though nothing is going as I expected it to. I am having a hilarious day. I am laughing and thinking what else is going to change at the last minute. I hope that it is that someone else will take the nursery tonight, so I can sit in the service.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Am It!- I Have Been Tagged

Ski's Lady has tagged me.
Okay, so when one is tagged they are suppose to tell seven random things about themselves and then tag seven other people. I am working on a tired mommy brain, but I will do my best, which might be awful today.

1. If I could paint a room any color, yellow would always be my first choice. Yellow is so happy and warm. I want to live in a yellow house with white trim. We painted this house in July. I sooooo wanted to paint it that. We painted it green with burgandy trim, b/c the neighbor's house is yellow and white. I didn't want to be a copycat. Red would be my second choice (not for the outside of the house for a room). I love the bold color.

2. I have a fascination with the 50's. I love those poodle skirts, bobby socks, letterman jackets, and pony tails! My 13th birthday was a sock-hop (back in my dancing days). I am always up to go to a diner. They are so nostalgic. In Dollywood the little shop with all of the Coca-cola diner stuff is my favorite. I of course eat at the hamburger joint too! I would love to have one of those convertible cars that are as big as a boat--in pink of course! I collect coca-cola and diner stuff for my kitchen. It doesn't quite fit in the Victorian era house that I now live in, so I think I am going to have to make a change. In our last home, I had a kitchen that I loved to be in. We painted it red, coca-cola red. I had a black and white checkered board floor and a black and white checkered board tiled counter top. I filled it with my 50's diner and coca-cola collection. It was fabulous!It was like stepping back in time.

3. I have been trick or treating once in my life, and my parents were mad! We did not go trick or treating growing up in our house, and we do not allow our children to go now. Do you realize where the holiday comes from? Plus, there is just such wickedness associated with it anyway. Why would one want to participate? The Sikorski Family blog has a few posts about Halloween and where it originated. I have a link on my sidebar. Anyway, I did go one time. My parents were doing something on Halloween, and we had a babysitter. The babysitter took us trick or treating. My parents were very unhappy. I wonder if we ever had that babysitter again.

4. As a teenager I always wanted to be a broadcast journalist. You know, a lady telling the news on T.V. I wanted to be the next Barbara Walters. I was headed to Pensecola Christian to major in journalism. Then I accepted Jesus as my Savior during my Senior year of high school. Shortly after being saved, I realized that those were my plans and not God's plans. I began to pray about what God wanted for my life. I graduated when I was a young 17. I would have been in college for about a month and a half before I would have turned 18. I felt that the Lord wanted me to stay at home and work with my parents and grandparents in their ministry. I made several trips to Crown College in Knoxville, TN. Then on about the 3rd trip, I knew that the Lord wanted me to go there and major in secondary education. Crown had only a few hundred students then. It wasn't much to look at. There was only one college building with a few class rooms. There were just a few dorms and the modulars that are now at the camp were being put in where the church auditorium now sits. The boys had a dorm that was beside the gym called the gym annex. The mail room/book store/ activity room was a teeny tiny room. You could barely fit more than 6 people in there comfortably. I worked there with Mrs. Eller. I think it took me so long to realize I belonged there, b/c I was concerned with missing out on going to a big college. Actually, it was the best! I loved being at Crown when it was small. I would have missed out if I had gone to the big college. I have so many great memories.

5. Hayley Mills is my favorite actress. I love Summer Magic, Castaways, Pollyana, Parent Trap (the original), That Darn Cat, etc... I just saw where Wal-Mart has these online on DVD. I want them!

6. Aaron and I were married 10 months after we went on our 1st date. When Aaron and I went on that 1st date in college, I knew that I would marry him. I can't explain it. I just knew. We started dating in mid February by May we were talking about getting married. I wanted a Christmas/December wedding. I was willing to wait until the next year to have it. Aaron wasn't. He was traveling with Neighborhood Bible Time that summer. Talking to your girlfriend was not really allowed while traveling with this group. Bro. Homsher sent Aaron to a church in Poplar Bluff, MO--45 minutes from where I lived. We couldn't believe it. Aaron got special permission to see me. He asked my dad if he could marry me. I met Aaron and his mom in Cincinnatti the day he arrived home from Bible Time. We were engaged that August night. Aaron took me out to eat at a fancy, outragiously expensive restaraunt. We then went on a carriage ride around the circle in downtown Indy. Aaron asked me to marry him on a bridge over the water. It was wonderful. Then right after he asked me the horse decided to releive himself. It made us laugh hysterically. What a memory!! We were married in December. If you need a quick wedding planned, I am your girl!

7. My favorite pair of sunglasses are baby blue with white polka dots. Aaron hates these sunglasses. As a matter of fact, they went missing a while ago. I think he did something with them. I had a bright orange shirt that he hated. We were in Knoxville , TN-- VOL country. After we were married, he took that shirt and hid it in the storage closet we had outside at our apartment. I found it when we moved. I also like funny socks. I like stripes, polka dots, crazy prints, ones with toes built in, fuzzy, furry, etc... However, I don't show them to anyone very often. I wear these socks mostly in the winter with my long denim or khaki skirts. They are usually hidden. I may be secretly afraid that they will disappear.

8. I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue. I know I only had to list 7 things, but I just couldn't leave this out. It is so wierd. How many of you just tried it?

9. Just one more: I don't like for my food to touch. I can't stand for it to mix together. I don't want cheese on my nacho chips. I want it on the side. The chips will get soggy with it on top. I don't want you to add any of my toppings on anything. I have to do it myself in a certain order.

Part of my diner kitchen:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chicken Pox Invade

Well, we are back from the doctor's office. Justus has the chicken pox. He was vaccinated for it a couple of weeks ago and apparently 5% of the vaccinated kids get it. He is in that 5%, and the dr. says that he has the worst reaction possible to the vaccination! Aren't we lucky? At least now we know what is going on and why his fever reached 102.4. The really bad thing is that there is nothing we can do for him. We just all have to tough it out. Poor Justus! Poor me! I am very thankful that it is fall break at school for the other kids. So, we can all stay home! YEAH!!

Pray that it will be over soon! For the sanity of everyone in this house. Justus has been crying A LOT!
While we were there, I decided to have the other kids get their flu shots. Chloe missed out. She was at piano.
Obviously having the chicken pox also gives you a split personality. Both of these pictures are taken at the doctor's office within a five minute period. In the top picture Justus looks pitiful. In the bottom picture he looks as happy as a lark. Scroll down to see other pics.

I'm Seeing Spots

Okay! So, I have been trying to nurse a sick baby back to wellness for three days now. I have been doing all of the things that a good mama should like medicine, baths, warm bottles, chicken-n-noodle soup, lots of holding and rocking, etc...I have been doing the rotation of Tylenol and Ibuprofen in order to keep the fever down. I have avoided going to the doctor assuming that he would just tell me that it is viral and there is nothing they can give to him for that. Well, now I am seeing little red spots. First I noticed them on his leg this morning when I changed his diaper. Then at about 10:30 I noticed a few on his belly. Now I see them on his back. It could be nothing but a rash, but I think now a doctor's visit is warranted. I am thankful that our pediatricians office has an after hours walk in clinic. I will be there in a few hours.

Typing with one hand is difficult. I have Justus in the other one.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window...The sun is peeking out from behind the clouds. Sun rays are hitting the wall in front of me. We are having summer like weather on this fall day. It is very warm. Around here they call this time "Indian Summer."

I am thinking...about Justus being sick, what I need to do to help him, and about all that needs to be done around the house.

I am thankful for...being able to stay at home with my children this year instead of teaching, so that I can take care of them when they are sick and not have to be concerned with my classes being taken care of.

From the kitchen...the dishwasher needs to be unloaded and reloaded with this morning's breakfast dishes. Breakfast: oatmeal Lunch: left over pizza Dinner: parmesian chicken. I am pajamas still.

I am's creations include: a blog entry for another blog, a grocery list, brownies, piles and piles of folded laundry, Christmas lists for the kids to give to grandparents (It has already been asked for. Yes, I know what they want. They tell me all of the time.), and plans for our church's Ladies' Christmas party.

I am the grocery store, to pick up the girls and Asher from school, and possibly to the doctor with Justus.

I am reading... KJV Bible- I Thessalonians, How to Raise a Gentleman by Kay West, Boys and Girls Who Became Great Missionaries by John Mueller

I am hoping...that I can keep Justus' fever down so that he does not need to go to the doctor

I am hearing...quiet. Justus went back to sleep while sitting on my lap. He really doesn't feel well, he never goes back to sleep two hours after getting up. Around the and laundry.

One of my favorite things... mommy alone time. I rarely get it, but when I do I love it. I don't want Justus to be sick, but I am enjoying the time alone while he sleeps.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Tues- Chloe's piano lessons, Wed- mid-week service at church, Wed thru Fri- the kids are on fall break from school, I may paint the back entrance area (that depends on a few other things), Sat-bus visitation, greet Bro. Hayes who will be coming in to preach our fall revival, Sun- fall revival at church

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

You buy kids toys, but it is the simple things that always make them happy. All of my kids want their turn in the boat/laundry basket.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Gift Exchange Game- I Need Help

Hello Everyone! I am searching for a new gift exchange game to play at our church's Ladies' Christmas Banquet this year. I need to change it up some. I don't want everyone to get bored with doing the same old game every year. The one we currently do has been done for 5 years now. It is time for it to be retired to the vault for a while. Please, click on the comments below and give me some ideas. What have ya'll enjoyed doing at your parties?

A Long Lost Song--Found

Verse 1:
The drunk on the street-, the rich in the palaces
The poor and unlearned-- and the men of degree
They all have a soul-- in need of salvation
And they all have to come-- by Calvary

Well, I am so glad-- God saves old sinners
I’m thrilled and amazed-- how He sets them free
But the biggest surprise-- in redeeming old sinners
Is that He would save- a sinner like me

Verse 2:
Was I so wrong-- that I needed forgiveness
And Was I so bad-- I had to be redeemed
Well, I wasn’t a thief-- but I lived in sin’s prison
And I was lost-- as a sinner could be

Repeat Chorus

I am so thrilled to have found this song through blog hopping. I have been trying to remember all of the words, but haven't been able to. We are all sinners in need of salvation. No sin is too small. No sin is too great. God see us all the same--in need of Jesus' blood to wash away our sins--in need of being freed from sin's prison, Satan's prison--in need of forgiveness.

It brings back so many memories for me. I can see myself visiting my grandparents at the boys' and girls' homes, and I can hear a hundred teen age voices singing this song. Then I can also see myself as a teenager working with my family in the same home hearing that same song from a hundred different teenage voices. I can hear my dad singing the song during a message he was preaching. He often preaches and just starts singing. I love that! It also brings mixed emotions. Voices who use to sing this song who have now, sadly, chosen the wrong path. However, on the happier note, there are those who are living their lives for the Lord.

Thank you, Lord, for saving me! Thank you ,Mom and Dad, Granny and Papaw, for all the wonderful memories I have. I am very grateful for my Christian heritage. I am going to sing this song at church and attempt to teach it to my children's choir.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Silly Signs

These pictures of signs were emailed to us by the Livengoods. I have posted just a few here. They are hilarious. Enjoy the laugh!

Which one is it? Make up your mind.
That's a lot of kids to take home at once.
I believe that I definately would have opted for a name change.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Church's Fall Harvest Party

We had a wonderful time at the annual fall party this year. We had it at the farm of Lowell and Sandy Kable. It was a little different, because we had it on a Sunday night. We normally have it on a Friday or Saturday. We had a much better attendance this way. I think we counted 47 people at the party. I am not sure if that included all of the little ones running around though. They were hard to keep track of. We started at 4:00 with games and horse rides. Then we roasted hot dogs and ate chili plus all kinds of extras. We had our Sunday evening church service around the bonfire. A fire in the center is a wonderful illustration for a message on our spiritual life. The fire was dying down in the beginning of Aaron's service. Then with a little stirring, just like our hearts need stirring, the fire was blazing high by the end of the service. It takes a spark to get the fire going. Afterwards, we had a hayride. When we returned we made smores and ate apple pie cooked in a dutch oven buried in the ground. YUMMY!

Part of the group around the bonfire. I couldn't fit everyone in. We had another bonfire on the other side of this one. I didn't get a picture of those folks. Camera was giving me trouble.

Some of the kids I could catch long enough to take a picture.

Scroll down below to see more pics. I don't have any pictures of the hayride or of anything when it was dark. My camera batteries died on me. I was very upset.

Getty Up Cowboy...Justus' 1st Birthday Party...

It was a cowboy theme. Note the western wear on Daddy and Justus. Justus' overalls had cowboy boots on his bottom. Here are the simple decorations- streamers and a few things hanging from the ceiling.
Our kids love horses and Disney's Toy Story. So... for the center piece we have Chloe's toy horse, Chloe's doll horse's saddle, Woody's lantern, and a pair of Justus' cowboy boots.
Over here we have another pair of Justus' boots, another toy horse, the picture of Justus with his foot on the table and the cake.
I used cowboy hats for serving trays. Thank you, Emily, for the hats.
I even had an outhouse sign on the bathroom door. I had other signs hanging around the house too.
Justus wondered what we were all doing during the Happy Birthday song.
He tried to get into the big cake. Then we gave him his own little cake. He was very slow in the beginning.He started to get the hang of it.Then he just dove into it.He had fun! He was covered.
Thank you Granny and Papaw, Nana and Papa, Grandmama and Gary, Kennedy Bunch, Johnson Bunch, and Reynolds Bunch for the presents. I am having fun playing with my big boy toys.