Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Exciting Day: Circus, A+, 2nd Place Artist, and a Poem

The Circus Comes to School

Asher's preschool class put on a circus today.Asher was furocious lion! Here he is crawling in with the tiger. The lion tamer had Asher the Furocious Lion do many tricks.
The lion tamer told Asher the Furocious Lion to sit still.

This little girl was the brave tight rope walker. She was very serious about her act.

This little girl was the amazing horseback rider. She did lots of stunts with her horse.

These two were little doggies. They caught sticks, sat up, and jumped through the hoops.The teacher/clown brought her own dog to perform also.Abbie and her friend, Savannah(who just got her haircut to match Abbie's), enjoyed watching the circus from the front row.Justus watched the circus, but he really wanted out of his stroller.

Abigail brought home her first test grade. She got an A+! We are very proud of her!We are also very proud of Chloe. She won 2nd place in the drawing contest at school! She won a box of Mrs. Warner's yummy, homemade chocolate chip cookies. The contest was to draw and decorate a volleyball in support of the girls' volleyball team. They did not give her back the drawing, so she just held up her box of cookies.

Chloe also wrote a poem at home yesterday all by herself. I am so thrilled to see her writing. It is even more exciting when she writes things like this. I am glad to see that she has a heart for Christ. The little ones understand much more than we give them credit for sometimes. :

Our Great Mighty God

Our great, mighty God

So powerful and good.

He made the sun, moon, and stars

Fish, birds, and me also.

I love our great, mighty God so much.

He is great, mighty, and good.

I love Him as I should.

by: Chloe Smith, age 7


Tori said...

Oh that looks like a really good time! Love the hat!

Congrats to your little gals!

Piatt said...

LOVE that poem :) !! It is wonderful to know our children see God in that way... when so many adults do not

Jennie Bender said...

What a fun place to be!
The poem is lovely.

The Scheer Family said...

Hey! Abbie reminds me so much of my Caleb. I wonder if it is a middle child thing....Congratulations on all your girls accomplishments! Asher's class looks really fun!

The Scheer Family said...

It's that pumpkin roll awesome! It is so easy to make! I am going to make 1 or 2 to take to our ladies fall party tomorrow night. I am so glad you liked it!

Aaron and Rachel Smith said...
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Jessica said...

I hope you don't mind. I tagged you!