Monday, October 6, 2008

Church's Fall Harvest Party

We had a wonderful time at the annual fall party this year. We had it at the farm of Lowell and Sandy Kable. It was a little different, because we had it on a Sunday night. We normally have it on a Friday or Saturday. We had a much better attendance this way. I think we counted 47 people at the party. I am not sure if that included all of the little ones running around though. They were hard to keep track of. We started at 4:00 with games and horse rides. Then we roasted hot dogs and ate chili plus all kinds of extras. We had our Sunday evening church service around the bonfire. A fire in the center is a wonderful illustration for a message on our spiritual life. The fire was dying down in the beginning of Aaron's service. Then with a little stirring, just like our hearts need stirring, the fire was blazing high by the end of the service. It takes a spark to get the fire going. Afterwards, we had a hayride. When we returned we made smores and ate apple pie cooked in a dutch oven buried in the ground. YUMMY!

Part of the group around the bonfire. I couldn't fit everyone in. We had another bonfire on the other side of this one. I didn't get a picture of those folks. Camera was giving me trouble.

Some of the kids I could catch long enough to take a picture.

Scroll down below to see more pics. I don't have any pictures of the hayride or of anything when it was dark. My camera batteries died on me. I was very upset.


Sharon said...

Hi Rachel! It's nice to *meet* you! :)

You have a lovely family and blog. I will be placing you in my sidebar so I can hopefully keep up. I don't always have time to read all of them every day as most bloggers don't, but I like trying. :)

Jennie Bender said...

Hey, they are a family who moved here in about 2001(?). You weren't here then were you? They have a very large family, very sweet. Her husband is employed here--works on computers/technology. She is a stay at home mom, very fun personality--probably she just enjoyed your home loving spirit. Have you checked out their blog to see if you remember them?

For my 411--did you have a cousin here with you in college (before I was married--2000)?

Kristie said...

Sounds like you guys had a busy week and lot's of fun!!

The Scheer Family said...

Hi! Your church harvest party sounds like fun! I really wish we lived closer to each other! Our conference we attended Saturday was great! It really made me think about evangelism and witnessing. I am going to try to post about it. Dr. Pepper has always been my all time favorite. It is what I need if I am stressed! I hope you have a great day!