Friday, October 24, 2008

A 2nd Tag

A new friend, Jessica, has tagged me. I know that I just did this, but I am going to do it one more time. Click here to read my last tag list. I will wait a while before doing this again. How bad could it be getting to learn wierd or stupid things about me? I am giving you more things to add to your list to pick on me about.

Here are the rules...
1-post the rules
2-write 6 random things about yourself
3-tag 6 people at the end
4-taggers start with rule #1

1. I love sour candy. The more sour the better.

2. I will not wear sandals or anything that shows my toes in public unless my toenails are painted.

3. I must have the shower curtains closed at all times. I can't stand for them to be left open.

4. My favorite juice is cranberry juice. I was made to drink it as a kid, because of some problems that I had. I can remember having to stay in the kitchen until it was all gone. I hated it then; I love it now.

5. Tulips are my favorite flower. I love the spring time when these flowers pop out. They don't stay very long though. Every year at college during the spring time there were tulips everywhere on campus. I love the bright, vibrant colors of these flowers.

6. I don't mind folding clothes, but I dislike putting them all up. I don't know why. I do it though, because I can't stand the cluttered mess of clothes everywhere.

I am not going to tag six more people this time:)


The Scheer Family said...

Hey! I am so glad your revival went well. I thought about you all week. I cannot go by a candy store in the mall without thinking about you and your sour peaches!

Aaron and Rachel Smith said...
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