Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chicken Pox Invade

Well, we are back from the doctor's office. Justus has the chicken pox. He was vaccinated for it a couple of weeks ago and apparently 5% of the vaccinated kids get it. He is in that 5%, and the dr. says that he has the worst reaction possible to the vaccination! Aren't we lucky? At least now we know what is going on and why his fever reached 102.4. The really bad thing is that there is nothing we can do for him. We just all have to tough it out. Poor Justus! Poor me! I am very thankful that it is fall break at school for the other kids. So, we can all stay home! YEAH!!

Pray that it will be over soon! For the sanity of everyone in this house. Justus has been crying A LOT!
While we were there, I decided to have the other kids get their flu shots. Chloe missed out. She was at piano.
Obviously having the chicken pox also gives you a split personality. Both of these pictures are taken at the doctor's office within a five minute period. In the top picture Justus looks pitiful. In the bottom picture he looks as happy as a lark. Scroll down to see other pics.


Piatt said...

OH NO---i actually remember having chicken pox when i was in 1st grade--then my 3 year old bro. got them from me :( ...will be praying for sanity for all involved... and a QUICK recovery!!!

The Scheer Family said...

Hey Rachel!

I love the pictures of the kids in the doctor's office. My kids got shots last week. Liberty had 2 and the boys had 1. Jacob decided he would go first. He was so brave. Caleb went next. When they got finished Jacob thought he did it better than Caleb. (the joy of having two boys) We opted out of the flu shots, so I think everyone is caught up! I hope Justus feels better. What is the point of a vaccine if the child gets it anyway??

Ski's Lady said...

Sorry your baby has the pox! BTW, you have been tagged