Monday, October 6, 2008

Getty Up Cowboy...Justus' 1st Birthday Party...

It was a cowboy theme. Note the western wear on Daddy and Justus. Justus' overalls had cowboy boots on his bottom. Here are the simple decorations- streamers and a few things hanging from the ceiling.
Our kids love horses and Disney's Toy Story. So... for the center piece we have Chloe's toy horse, Chloe's doll horse's saddle, Woody's lantern, and a pair of Justus' cowboy boots.
Over here we have another pair of Justus' boots, another toy horse, the picture of Justus with his foot on the table and the cake.
I used cowboy hats for serving trays. Thank you, Emily, for the hats.
I even had an outhouse sign on the bathroom door. I had other signs hanging around the house too.
Justus wondered what we were all doing during the Happy Birthday song.
He tried to get into the big cake. Then we gave him his own little cake. He was very slow in the beginning.He started to get the hang of it.Then he just dove into it.He had fun! He was covered.
Thank you Granny and Papaw, Nana and Papa, Grandmama and Gary, Kennedy Bunch, Johnson Bunch, and Reynolds Bunch for the presents. I am having fun playing with my big boy toys.


Piatt said...

so have great party ideas--

Jennie Bender said...

What a messy face! Aren't they hysterical when you turn them loose! I just love it!

I am still sorting in my cap--Day 2!

You should post your party on our blog--too cute!--you can just copy and paste it--it is really simple.

Did you make the cake? I have a great appreciation for cake decorators--I don't have the patience!

Jennie Bender said...

By the way, I love your little punkins pic! So sweet.

Shane & Kristy Davis said...

Happy Birthday Justus! What a cute party! Yeah for mom, I know that it takes alot of work to pull it off!