Friday, October 10, 2008

A Long Lost Song--Found

Verse 1:
The drunk on the street-, the rich in the palaces
The poor and unlearned-- and the men of degree
They all have a soul-- in need of salvation
And they all have to come-- by Calvary

Well, I am so glad-- God saves old sinners
I’m thrilled and amazed-- how He sets them free
But the biggest surprise-- in redeeming old sinners
Is that He would save- a sinner like me

Verse 2:
Was I so wrong-- that I needed forgiveness
And Was I so bad-- I had to be redeemed
Well, I wasn’t a thief-- but I lived in sin’s prison
And I was lost-- as a sinner could be

Repeat Chorus

I am so thrilled to have found this song through blog hopping. I have been trying to remember all of the words, but haven't been able to. We are all sinners in need of salvation. No sin is too small. No sin is too great. God see us all the same--in need of Jesus' blood to wash away our sins--in need of being freed from sin's prison, Satan's prison--in need of forgiveness.

It brings back so many memories for me. I can see myself visiting my grandparents at the boys' and girls' homes, and I can hear a hundred teen age voices singing this song. Then I can also see myself as a teenager working with my family in the same home hearing that same song from a hundred different teenage voices. I can hear my dad singing the song during a message he was preaching. He often preaches and just starts singing. I love that! It also brings mixed emotions. Voices who use to sing this song who have now, sadly, chosen the wrong path. However, on the happier note, there are those who are living their lives for the Lord.

Thank you, Lord, for saving me! Thank you ,Mom and Dad, Granny and Papaw, for all the wonderful memories I have. I am very grateful for my Christian heritage. I am going to sing this song at church and attempt to teach it to my children's choir.


Jessica said...

I like this song too! Now it is stuck in my head for the day! LOL! Thanks! It is a good song! I am so glad that God saves sinners. I am so glad he chose to forgive me. I am so thankful for my salvation. What a blessing. We are such wicked people even the best of christians compared to a perfect God are like filthy rags. Yet, he chose us, he chose to love us and we can spend eternity with Him just by choosing HIM! Now that is a BEAUTIFUL thing What a wonderful God we serve! OK, I will go now. That song just really was a blessing to me and I just felt the need to praise Him! We are so undeserving yet he Loves us! HUGS! JEss

Aliene said...

Just passing by your blog and spotted the song God saves old sinners. It is sung several times a year at our church here in south Louisiana.. Just to encourage you to keep working for the Lord. So many out that that need Him. God bless your ministry!