Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's a Lovely Day...

Hello everyone! Today is expected/predicted to be an uneventful day, but a great day. I am enjoying it so far. I am at home tending to my motherly and wifely duties- playing with baby, cooking, cleaning, organizing, and laundry. Days like this are my favorite. I enjoy just being at home doing those every day things more than going, going, going. I look forward to my days like this!

Tomorrow will be a different story. It is already packed with errands and places to be. I will have to hit the ground running tomorrow. So... I am going to soak up today in preparation for tomorrow.

By the way, it is absolutely gorgeous here today. The air is crisp and breezy. The leaves are already turning shades of yellow, red, and orange. I LOVE it!! I am gathering things together, hoping that the kids and I can make a homemade scarecrow this year when the leaves fall. We usually buy one of those $6.00 ones at Wal-mart. Why? I don't know. Convenience, I guess. But not this year. We are going to do it the old-fashioned country way.

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The Scheer Family said...

What a great idea about a homemade scarecrow. This may be a silly question, but sort of stuff do you need? What do you stuff him with? It is a great day here also. I know you guys are so excited about Asher's hearing! Praise the Lord! I hope everything will turn out fine with Justus.