Monday, March 16, 2009

For Emily-Everyone else ignore!

$5 shipping on all orders right now, and there are online sale prices that are not available in the store yet.

For the girls- We like pretty much everything they have. It was hard to choose. I bought Abbie the orange/white striped dress and Chloe the turquoise/white striped dress. They were on sale for $18. I like both of the following dresses. I LOVE the shoes! I couldn't really pick which of the dresses were my favorite. I like the first dress b/c of the smocking on top. I like the second one b/c the pattern is made out of ribbon. I think the second one might be my favorite b/c it looks like it might go better with the shoes. Children's place dress sizing is different. A 6x is also a 7. So... we tried them on. Abbie- 6x/7 Chloe- sometimes 6x/7 sometimes 8. I bought her the 8 in the stripes. It was just a little bit too roomy, but not enough to look sloppy. Shoe sizes 12 and 13.

For the boys- Again, we like pretty much everything they have. I bought the boys the orange and turquoise sweater vest to match the girls dresses. They do have a black and white sweater vest with a black and white shirt that matches the dresses above, but it has a two pink argyles on one side under the arm. I think it is okay, but I don't know what Aaron will think. They have all of these in 4t and 18mos. (sweater vest for Justus 12 mos.)

They have another pair of khaki pants (linen I think). Whichever, we like them both, but the stripes were our favorite. We have black pants. The boys both need brown dress shoes. We have black. The first shoe would be our favorite, but we like both of these. -Shoes size 10 and size 5

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