Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do You Like Rats?

I was greeted with that question by a female student the other morning.
My response was: "Do I like RATS! Well, not particularly."
She then handed me this and said, "I saw this while I was in Houston, and I had to buy it for you."
It is a little chocolate cake made to look like a rat.
I ate the yummy little rat. It was a chocolate covered cherry flavor! DELICIOUS!!

Now, I am still questioning: "Why did she see this and think of me?"
I have shared my love for chocolate and cherries together and my love for Dr. Pepper with the class. Maybe that is why...maybe...


Becky said...

I have heard that rats are very smart creatures. :-) Enjoy your birthday Rachel. Abundant blessings be upon you.

Pilar said...

ummm, I would love to eat it if I can do it with my eyes close :)