Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yeah! We are finally catching up a little with this computer world.

Hello! I had heard a little here and there about blogs, but mostly on the news. I didn't realize how far behind we are with the world of technology. Kevin and Anna Ruwersma from Crown College visited us and our church a few weeks ago. Anna asked me if we had a blog. I said no, and thought to myself, "Who has time for that?". Anna emailed us a few links. Then I got online and realized lots of people do, and that most of my friends do. Thank you Anna for introducing me to this. It was so easy. I do have time! Time is something I am very short of these days. I am always getting someone out of something around this house! I hope and have plans to use this to keep everyone updated and to display photos. I am terrible about writing and sending pictures. I really am always doing something. We have little down time around here. This should help me not to feel so guilty. Now, I just have to figure out how to personalize this. That will be the time consuming part, so don't expect too much too quickly.

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Tom said...

Osiyo Granddaughter,

Surprise! ;-) I love what you're doing here and it's really good to see pics of your beautiful family!
I sure hope you keep this going as it's an easy way for your Okie relatives to keep up with you. :-)

Grandpa Gerhardt