Thursday, June 26, 2008

We went to the ENT specialist today for Asher's ears. We had to wait 3 months to get today's appointment. Praise the Lord it is not going to take that long to have his surgery done. It is scheduled for July 11th. They are going to remove his adnoids and put a small hole in his ear. Both of these things are for drainage. It should keep the fluid off of his ears, and his hearing should improve soon. After this surgery Asher will have another hearing test to see if the procedure was successful. If his hearing has not improved to the level they want, we will have to have another set of tubes put into his ears-a larger size tube. Dr. Whiteman also said that there is the possibility of going ahead and putting the tubes in during this surgery rather than having to do a second surgery later. He said that he will look and see how bad the ears are and make a decision during the surgery. Pray that all goes well with this surgery and that his hearing will improve, so that his speech can be improved. I read a survey on children with hearing loss, even mild hearing loss, and it said that when this happens during the preschool years it is very harmful to their speech development. These years are when they are really learning to communicate. It also said that they are 50% more likely to fail a grade in school, and that most of these children are two and a half years behind their reading level by the time they make it to the 6th grade. I do not want Asher to have to struggle through school because of this.

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