Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Okay! I am finally catching a moment to give a little update on what has been going on with us. We took a vacation to Tennessee for the 4th of July. Yeah! Thank you Lord that we were able to go and no one got sick this time and there were no hospital visits ( that seems to be our habit when we go ). We did absolutely nothing the first couple of days which was wonderful. We haven't done that since I don't know when. We had a bar-b-que with Mom, Dad, Bo, Amanda, and all of the kids on the 4th. That evening we sat in the yard and watched all of the fireworks being shot on the mountain tops. It was beautiful. Bo and Aaron also put on a show of fireworks. On Saturday Mom kept all of the kids and Aaron and I were able to go out for a few hours by ourselves. We haven't done that since Justus was born. We went to eat and then shopped at the outlet malls for the girls' school clothes. Sure, that is not too exciting, but it was just the being able to spend some time together that mattered. We also took the kids to a petting zoo and Black Bear Jamboree during the week. Abbie was scared of most of the animals at the petting zoo. They all had a good time at the Black Bear Jamboree. The girls got on the stage and sang with all of the other kids. Abbie and Asher danced all through the show. They were hilarious and enough entertainment themselves. We also rented a boat and went out on Douglas Lake. Abbie was terrified for the first 50 minutes. She would not let me move away from her. She eventually eased up and started having a good time once she realized it was not scary. The mountains from the lake were gorgeous. We will definately go out again next time. The girls stayed there with Nana and Papa for a few extra days. We miss the girls a lot, but it has been a breeze around the house having only the boys. We are rested and ready to get back to church and get going again.

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