Tuesday, July 15, 2008

While we were on vacation we had our house painted on the outside. It is still not finished yet due to the rain. The painter is hoping to be completed by Friday. We also had our wood floors refinished in the foyer and office. They look amazing. I can't believe this beautiful wood was covered by carpet. I am so excited and eager to get the other floors and stairs done now. We hope to save the money and have it done in the late fall, but before we host Thanksgiving. Since the girls are at Nana's and Papa's we are getting lots of things done inside the house too. In the last five days we have painted 3 rooms and rearranged the furniture in 2. We painted the office this great deep reddish-brown color called paprika. Mom is planning on painting her kitchen this color, and I loved it when she showed it to me. So... we bought the paint on the way home and painted after Asher's surgery. Thanks mom for picking a wonderful color. It looks soooo good. Then we painted the foyer a beautiful golden color called bungalow gold. It looks awesome next to the paprika. They are both rich fall colors. Then we painted the girls room purple. They having been asking for it since when moved in. They miss their purple room from the other house. It is a surprise for them to return home to.

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The Sommer Family said...

Hey Rachel, I'm so glad you've started blogging! It's a great way for me to stay in touch with everybody even living so far away! The kids are adorable!
Patty (www.JohninGhana.blogspot.com)