Monday, July 28, 2008

Asher Is Finally In Undies!!!

I almost forgot to add a very important event around here. Yeah!! Asher is finally wearing undies. He has been a pain to potty-train. He is 3 and 1/2, so it is about time. I am not saying we are completely accident free, but at least we are finally out of pull-ups. We have been buying diapers and wipes in this house for 7 straight years. That is a bunch of poopy and pee-pee. Now, we have Justus to train. Of course that won't be for a couple of years though.


The Scheer Family said...

I love your blog! You inspired me to redo mine! Tell Chloe Happy Birthday, and Asher congratulations on being a "big boy"


The Scheer Family said...

sorry I forgot, tell Abbie, congratulations on being saved and baptized!

Miranda (again)

Shane & Kristy Davis said...

Hi Rachel! So glad that you commented on our blog. It has been exciting to catch up with friends from college and keep up with them this way. Your kids are just precious. How old are they? Your cute blue jean pictures encourage me to get updated photos of our family.

Anna Ruwersma said...

Hey! I'm so glad we can keep in touch! How is everything going? It sounds like you all are doing well. I'm praying for you!