Saturday, August 2, 2008

Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN

The girls and I returned last night from Holiday World. It was in Santa Claus, Indiana. This is the town in America that gets most of the letters written to Santa. The post office gets volunteers each year, and they actually respond to each and every letter. We went with Aaron's mom, his sister and family, plus a few others. We had a wonderful time. Holiday World was an excellent park for the family. The park's sections are each named after a different holiday. It is very clean! They also have unlimited free pepsi products. They have these little buildings with doors that say "in" and some that say "out". You go in and serve yourself a pepsi product of your choice. Mine always being Dr. Pepper of course. I also rode what is voted the #1 wooden roller coaster in the world, The Voyage. I am a roller coaster lover. I will wait forever for the front, and then I will wait forever to ride again in the back. I rode in the middle of this one, b/c that was what was available. It was the absolute scariest roller coaster I have ever been on in my entire life. I was so glad when it was over, and I did not even consider riding in the front or the back of this one. We stayed in a cabin that was on Christmas Lake. The cabins were called Santa's Cottages. They were very nice and relaxing. The back decks were right on the water. Each cabin came with a bucket of fish food to feed the fish. That was great. The kids thought that was the best part. There were also a few turtles who came over to dine. We will definately return to the park and the cabins again as soon as we can. I hope Christmas time. The town has an 11 mile light display, and each neighborhood has its own Christmas theme. I really hope to talk Aaron into it. Look below to see more pics from our trip.

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John & Pamela Cabrera said...

Hi Smith family! Your children are adorable!!! I love all their matching outfits - especially the girls in the other pics. I'm glad to be in touch with you guys.