Thursday, August 21, 2008

Justus is Walking!!!

Justus has wanted to be walking for quite some time now, but he just wasn't willing to let go of anyone's hand. Last night at church I stood him up, and he took six steps all by himself. Then he bent his knees and went back to crawling, but at least he didn't fall down. He went down on his own terms. He did it again later on, so it wasn't just a one time fluke. Today should be fun with his new found skill.

The pic is of him stuffing his mouth with baby cheetos. He will be 11 months old next Wednesday.


Heather Roose said...

Congrats! Kyla just started scooting two weeks ago. She is determined to procrastinate on becoming mobile (which is fine with me)!

John & Tascha + family said...

Hey Rachel...i dont know if you'll be interested, but i have a link on my blog to a bible based preschool program for homeschooling that age.....a great resource even if you dont plan to homeschool .... check it out if you're interested...
I'm hoping my next girl decides to be "immobile" as long as posslbe-- at least til a year :) my second was walking at 9 months!!!!! not the earliest ever recorded...but BOY__i was NOT ready :)