Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The 1st Day of School!!

It is finally here- the first day of school! It was actually yesterday, but I had no time to post it yesterday. Chloe started 2nd grade. It is the same old same old with her. She is not a fan of school. She excells in school, but does not like to go. She liked getting new horse supplies, but I think that she was only excited to finally get to use them. When she got in the van after school, I asked how she liked it. She said it was okay, but she had to do school work and has a spelling test on Friday.

Abigail was suppose to start Kindergarten today, but her teacher was unexpectedly admitted in the hospital. Her blood pressure got too high after having a recent surgery on her foot. Abigail loves school! She is a social bug, and she likes to learn how to do the things that her sister can do. Sooo.. Abbie was very upset that she wasn't getting to go to school. Her good friend Savannah was upset also. Savannah's parents are both teachers at the school, so she was going to have to sit in the office all day. When I got to the school and saw her sitting there, I brought her home with me, so she and Abbie could play. What kid wants to sit in the school office all day? Then they were both happy about not having school. They had a good time playing without any brothers or sisters to bug them. Abbie did start today. Her teacher is still out. She will have a sub for the 1st week. The picture above with all of the kids is from today. The pictures below will explain themselves.

Asher started preschool (only 3 days a week). He was happily the first one out of bed yesterday and today. He is so excited to be a big boy going to school. He had a great time playing. He also said he liked counting. His class has 5 boys and 1 girl. That poor little girl!

Scroll down to see pics of each of them with their school gear and of them at their desks. There are also pics of Abbie and Savannah.

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Jennie Bender said...

I love the first day of school! I just get excited new crayons, brightly colored pencil pouches, and freshly sharpened no.2 pencils!

Your kiddos are just beautiful! Savannah's picture with Chloe at the bottom of your blog was hilarious. She seems to be a corker!=) I have one of those. Sometimes I am afraid of what she will say next=)and WHO she will say it to!

Thanks for the encouraging words about NILMDTS. Sometimes, you wonder what people think when you credit this organization openly. Death is so hard for people to communicate between each other. I choose to keep their group before others because I know someone will remember it when there is a need. Thanks.

Your family is just darling. I added you to our blog list=) SO good to hear from you!

Have a wonderful day! I am off to get ready for my Girl Baby's party!