Friday, August 22, 2008

Rosemary Reynolds

Aaron's grandmother, Rosemary Reynolds, went to be with the Lord this morning. She was a loving, gentle woman. She was very thoughtful and caring. She wasn't able to do much, but she was always an encouragement to many. She faithfully sent cards to family, friends, fellow church members, and missionary families on their birthdays or just to send a note of prayer. She was not able to physically get out and be involved, but she had a ministry with her cards. She will be missed. She is now in Heaven with a perfect body, seeing the streets of gold, and the glorious face of her Savior! Wow! Just the thought is awing!
Abbie just asked me "How did GiGi get to Heaven? Did Jesus carry her through the door?" That makes me want to shout "Amen! Hallelujah! Glory! Yes Abbie Jesus carried her through the door!" The mind of a child is amazing. In her mind, she knows that the last few times she saw GiGi she was very sick and not walking around. She is literally picturing Jesus picking GiGi up and carrying her to Heaven. She then asked me if Victoria, her cousin, got to see it. GiGi has been staying at Victoria's house these last few weeks. Of course, Aaron and I then tried to explain things further to her. She is still too young to fully understand.

This picture is of her at our church's mother-daughter banquet a few years ago. She loved to wear hats and gloves and of course with a matching purse and shoes even in her older years. She always went to church this way.
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