Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Asher's surgery

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for Asher. His surgery went very well this past Friday. The doctor took his adnoids out and drilled the small holes in each ear. He did not put another set of tubes in. He said that there was not a lot of fluid sitting on the ears, so he hopes this will take care of the problems. We did have to stay an extra hour of recovery because Asher would not drink anything. We couldn't leave until he drank 6 ounces. I sat on his bed with a juice box and just kept sticking it in his mouth. Obviously he drank it because we are at home. Asher was funny before the surgery. He was laughing and giggling with us, but everytime he heard the door open he would play like he was asleep. He would not talk to the nurses or doctors. Then when they left he would go back to playing. He feels pretty good now. He hurts more at night. He is waking up quite a bit crying. I don't know if it is how he is sleeping on his pillows or what. He also crys when he has to have his hair washed. The ears are still pretty sensitive. He loves his medicine. He says that it tastes yummy. We go back for another appointment on August 7th. They will check to see that all is healing well and schedule another hearing test to see if the surgery has been successful at improving his hearing.

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