Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our Last Days in Indiana and First Days in Alabama

The kids' last week at school was Spirit Week. This was mismatch/crazy day!

The kids' with their friends as they say goodbye on their last day.
Chloe with Alisha

Abbie with Savannah

Asher with Gavin

Our trip to take the kids to my parents.

Grandmama and all of the youngins.

The Many Faces of Asher--all within about 3 minutes.

This is what it looked like as we drove away from Indiana.
Welcome to our new city- Mobile
While Aaron and I were here by ourselves we drove out late one afternoon to the USS Alabama park. It is about 20 to 30 minutes from our house. The ship was closed, so we just took a few pictures and walked around. It is an amazing site. We will be going back very soon with the kids. We are going to make a day of it. They also have a little park area with grills and picnic tables. We are going to grill out and spend the day looking around. What history!
The ship and water were beautiful at sunset!

The girls' first day at a new school. Their old school's colors were blue and yellow--same at the new school. Their old school's mascot was the Knight--same at the new school. Yes we have uniforms now.

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