Thursday, January 8, 2009

Keep Praying

Guess what? We have been BUSY showing our house. Thank you to all of you who have been praying for the quick sale of our home. We had one showing last night. Two showings today. One showing tomorrow at 11:30. A showing Saturday morning at 9:30, which is a returning lady who wants to bring her husband to see it, and another showing Saturday at 11:00. We are so thrilled and thanking the Lord for all of the interest in our home!!! Please keep praying!!

One family that looked at it today really wants it. They moved here from California. They are checking into seeing if they are able to get financed for the loan amount or not. They filed for bankrupcy a few years ago, so this may not be possible for them. The family coming tomorrow currently lives about 45 minutes away, so they are not sure if they want to move to a new area or not. The lady bringing back her husband on Saturday is really interested as well. They are already preapproved for the loan amount. She loves the house. The only question with them (him) is our yard. It is not very big. The lady coming Saturday at 11:00 is a single school teacher. We just keep saying,"God is going to do this. He can do this!" Pray that one of these will have the financing and want it! It will be so amazing if we sell the home and do not have to rent!!!

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