Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What A Morning!

Hello again everyone!! I just wanted to pop in and share some pics with you. Also...boy did I have a morning!!!

pics first: We are getting TONS of HEAVY snow here in Indiana. It has been snowing for hours like this. Right now there are no signs of it lifting soon.

Can you find the street? These pics were taken about about an hour and a half ago. It is much much more covered now. I can not tell where my yard stops and the street begins!

I like to look at the snow through the window all bundled up and drinking peppermint hot chocolate. However, since we are moving to southern Alabama in two weeks and this would be a weather miracle down there, I will more than likely be outside with the kids making a snowman. They may not get to have fun in snow like this for years --maybe if we visit grandmama in the winter. I am sure our time out there will not be long. The windchill is way below zero.

Now my morning: I, Rachel Smith, had a crazy "I can't believe this is happening to me"morning!!! I went outside to put some stuff on our enclosed front porch. Justus shut the door behind me. We have an old home that has an old front door that automatically locks when shut! My side door is locked, because I always lock it when I am at home alone. My garage doors are locked. My garage door opener is in my van which is parked in my garage. YES, I was locked outside, and Justus was alone inside!!! It is soooo cold on the porch and snowing like crazy. I had on a sweatshirt, culottes, socks, and my crocks (not the furry winter ones but the holey summer ones). Justus is looking at me through the glass crying. I am looking at him through the glass wanting to cry. I just start laughing. Of course, something like this would happen to me. (If you have heard my lost keys and locked car story from college you understand---I went inside the mall forgot to lock my car, went back out and locked the car, time to go, can't find my keys, search every store, go out to car, it is running, yes I locked the car while with the keys in the ignition while it was still running!! Dumb blonde!!) Anyway, back to today. I ran two houses down through several inches of snow without a coat with my bare legs wearing my holey crocks to use the phone and borrow a blanket. Aaron normally works here in town about a mile from the house. Of course today, he is about 30 minutes away working in another town. I call Aaron. He calls the police. I go back to the house. Justus is still at the door crying. His face is bright red, his nose is very runny, and his shirt is wet with tears by this time. I wrapped up in the blanket and sat on the floor by the door until the police got there. Finally, after a long time and several attempts at different ways to get into the house the police popped the lock to the door, and I was back inside standing over my warm heater vent and holding my traumatized baby. He held on to me and would not get down! Who could blame him. MY! WHAT A MORNING!! So funny though, not quite as funny while it was happening, but hilarious now!!


John_n_Tascha_Piatt said...

WOW - what a morning is right!
I am glad you got inside!! and Justus was OK...
also - no snow, but it is pretty cold here today :) not QUITE as cold as there _ but will barely reach freezing today - and I'm going grocery shopping with all three girls! - I'm crazy, but then, you probably knew that :)

The Simmons Family Life said...

Glad you got back in! Poor Justus! I wish it would snow like that here! We are expected to get some Sunday, but it isn't suppose to be much of anything. Of course, that is the same thing they said when Winter Storm 93 hit! I am getting ready to post a blog here in a little bit that will tell my memories of that day...I mean week!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

So funny! I know it probably wasn't funny at the moment. I'm just picturing you in those crocs running around in the snow:)

Becky said...

I love this story! This reminds me when I first brought the boys home (when we adopted). My first full day with them, I was so green as a mom. I went outside to shake a rug out and Brandon shut the door behind me and locked me out. Thankfully for me the front door was open. When I came in Brandon was on top of the table shaking a cup full of water up and down. When I went to the washing machine to put the rug in I found cans of cat food in the washer. What a day that was! Who says being a stay at home mom is dull?