Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our Upcoming Week

I wont' be on here too much during the next few weeks.

We had good services today at church. Aaron preached two really good sermons! Today was the kids' last Sunday. After church tonight Mrs. Patty, Chloe's and Abbie's Sunday school teacher, had a cake for the kids that said "We Will Miss You." We were surprised and thankful. It was very thoughtful. Abbie had THREE pieces of cake. I found this out from Aaron on the way home. That explains a little bit of her craziness tonight!

Of course, we have more packing to do this week.

* Tuesday we are signing the papers on our house. We have sold it on a lease to own deal!!! Praise the Lord!!! It will be our home for one more year during which they will pay us a monthly lease payment; then the couple will be getting their own financing, and it will be theirs.

**Thursday we are driving to Lexington to meet my mom. She is watching the kids for us while we finish packing here, drive to AL, and start unpacking down there. She will have them for 10 days. It should be a lot easier on us and them this way. Pray for my mom though! She might be ready to send them back early!! That is a long time!

***Friday my brother and Amanda will be coming to spend the weekend and to help us finish packing.

****Monday, the 26th, the moving company is going to be packing our things in the truck. After it is all loaded, we will be giving the house a good cleaning.

*****Tuesday, the 27th, we will head towards AL.

******We should arrive in AL early on the 28th. We will sign the lease on our house and see it for the first time. We will attend church at Crossroads Wednesday night.

*******Our things should arrive on Thursday. Then we will begin to unpack.

I will probably update again right before we leave or right after we get our computer set up in AL. Until then...


Becky said...

Hi Rachel,

So glad you got the house deal settled. Hoping everything else just falls into place. Take good care!


John_n_Tascha_Piatt said...

we'll be praying all goes smoothly!!

Miranda said...

Hey! I am so glad the house in Indiana is taken care of! I'll miss you while your taking a break from the computer to move! Our prayers are with you!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

We'll miss you... hurry back! Praying that the move goes smoothly. You can't go wrong moving to the "Heart of Dixie"!

GraceFromHim said...

Prayed for you today, looking forward to hearing how your move was :) Hugs,


The Simmons Family Life said...

Looking forward to your visit! Aunt Cy's going to fix a big pot of soup & some cornbread! See ya soon!