Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Just Found These

We went to dinner at a local Mexican restaraunt a few weeks ago. I forgot that I took a few pictures of the kids. They are not very good pics, but here they are. I have noticed that Chloe has this horse sweater on a lot on this blog. She loves horses, so she does wear a lot of horse stuff. This vest seems to get the most use.
Here is Abbie. Of course, she had to do something goofy for her picture. First, notice the baby doll. This is her baby Justus (She got him for her birthday last year and named him after our Justus). He goes everywhere with us. He even rides in a car seat. Second, notice our Justus peeking out around Abbie's cup. He didn't want to be left out.
Asher loves to eat chips and dip. Actually he loves any food that has a dip. It is fun to him.

Then last, but definately not least is Justus. He was having a wild hair day.

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