Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Presidential Results

I just don't know what to say. I am so disappointed! We, Christians, must fervently pray for our country. Soon, we may not recognize her. Soon, our current way of life will be gone. Soon, what will normal be? Soon, the CHANGE that so many Americans obviously wanted is coming.


Piatt said...

You said it, Rachel...we must PRAY...I am sure the change that WILL come, is not exactly what most Americans have in mind....... may God protect those who trust in and follow Him
praying for you as you have your surgery....

Jennie Bender said...

Don't be disheartened. We are Christians. We have great hope!

Our times are in His hands. This is what God has written in our time.

Our seed has never been forsaken or begging bread. God is faithful. He will prove Himself strong.

Keep your eyes on the Lord.

Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

Don't missunderstand me. I am not disheartened. My eyes are remaining in the Lord. God is still on the throne. I am just extremely concerned for the days ahead.