Monday, November 10, 2008

The Simple Woman Daybook

Outside My Window...Brrrr! It's cccold! It literally snowed all day yesterday, but none of it stuck. Today looks like more of the same. I can't see the sky-only gray snow clouds.

I am feet are really cold, about the many things God is presently doing for my family (also be sure to read our prayer request below)

I am thankful husband who has been taking care of me after surgery and doing his best to take care of the kids and house-It doesn't come naturally for him. God's provision.

From the kitchen...nothing I haven't been able to really do any cooking yet- breakfast: cereal, lunch: ?, dinner: ?

I am blue snowflake flannel pajamas

I am creating...a grocery list for Aaron- he has to do the grocery shopping for me today

I am get the kids from school- Once again I am driving before I am suppose to, but I must. Aaron is out of town today. I promise I will go right there and come right back! Chloe is worried that her Mommy will have to pick her up in pj's. That is mostly what she has seen me wearing since my surgery. They are warm and comfortable. I told her that I will not embarrass her. I will get dressed first. I can't believe my 7 yr. old is already worried about being embarrassed by her mom! I thought I would have a few more years until that stage arrived. Maybe ---I am just that embarrassing! Just kidding--I think!

I am reading...Romans and all kinds of Christmas crafty stuff

I am be back to 100% myself soon

Around the house...all kinds of stuff- I don't even know where to begin. I will tackle the laundry today. The rest I am not ready for yet.

One of my favorite things...cuddling on the couch with a warm cozy blanket, a cup of peppermint hot chocolate, and a good movie--my plans for this afternoon

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...mid week service and catching up around the house

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...
This is one of those "everybody is doing there own thing" pics. So funny! I took this last October, right after Justus was born. These are all of the immediate cousins on Aaron's side. All of these grandkids came from only one brother and one sister. Aaron's sister has one more on the way. I wonder how many grandkids we will have?

Rachel"Help me!", Hannah and Julia"Oh I love my sister!", Chloe "She is falling on me!", Elizabeth "Boy! Am I gonna be cute in this pic.", Abbie and Justus "I get to hold my brother. Nah. Nah.", Asher"I want to be the baby!"

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Cathryn said...

Hi There,

What an absolutely beautiful family. Beautiful. I'm not sure how I got to your blog. You know how it is - you kind of hop from one to the next and before I knew it I was here. Your blog is great. And absolutely love the first song that is playing with Doris Day and Bing Crosby. Your blog looks great. It sure looks like the Lord is really blessing you all. Lord Bless, Cathy in Kentucky

Miranda said...

I am so glad you are getting around better this time. Jacob is getting the same way as Chloe. He doesn't even want me to hug him when we are home. I also thought I had a couple of years before they started being embarrassed of us. I also thought maybe I was so cool that it wouldn't happen. I was wrong on both counts!

becky said...

Hello Rachel, I came to your blog through Sharon's blog "Keeper of the Home". I am so glad that your surgery went well. I just recently had surgery myself and I loved how you wrote that you have been hanging out in your jammies. Also, how you said that you are driving too soon, which has been my case too. I have been doing too many things too soon simply because I have to. Well, the Lord knows doesn't He? I am sure that He is giving us an extra dose of His grace to make it through. Sending you a hug to get well soon. Becky