Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I voted today! It was a relief to finally cast my vote for McCain. I have an anxious, sickening feeling about the results that this day may bring to our country. I have that same gut wrenching feeling that I had on 9/11 when I looked at my 6 week old baby girl and wondered what kind of America I would be raising my first child in. I now am thinking of my four children with that same feeling and wondering that same thing: What kind of America will I be raising these children in?
Indiana is a big state in this election. I personally recieved six phone calls this past weekend polling me about my vote, 5 were Obama's campaign, 1 was McCain's. I was expecting to get questioned on my way out or into the voting center as well. I was going to tell them that the only way I would vote for Obama was if I somehow went into a seizure and pushed the wrong button, but there wasn't anyone at the voting center this morning.
I am praying that this day brings us a vote against Obama. However, if this day brings us the horrible news of him being our president elect, God is still on the throne. I am trusting in Him.


Jennie Bender said...

My grandmother says the lines have been so long! She voted absentee before she left for my Mom's in OH. She says my Mom and Dad have tried to get in to vote early--twice.

Anyway, we are all waiting--one way or the other!

Have a great day!

The Scheer Family said...

Thank you for your post today! I remember how I felt on 9/11 with Jacob being only a month old, and was scared to death. I also have that same feeling. I am really scared that whichever way it goes there will be huge changes, and everything we know as normal won't be normal anymore....

Lori said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your template and all the cute photos.

I feel that it is going to take a miracle for the outcome to be good. But if the Lord sees fit to allow an ungodly man in office, I know who holds tomorrow,and I know who holds my hand.

Margarete said...

Yes, to tell you the truth I have that gut wretching feeling right now. BUT, my dear husband said not to worry the Lord is in control.