Monday, December 8, 2008

Aaron has started calling this my Sarah Palin hair. I wanted him to see that it is not like hers at all. Sure my bangs are swept over, but there is not much similarity even in that. Her do is much better. Maybe I will work on it.
I am in desperate need of a hair cut or something different right now!! Maybe a Sarah Palin do will do it. I wonder if I can get my hair that high? I am not a huge fan of hairspray though, so even if I did I wonder if I could get it to stay without being as hard as a rock.


becky said...


Your hair and YOU look terrific! My hair is similar to yours and I also wear glasses. I don't know that I could manage a "Sarah" hairdo myself, my hair is so fine and I hate hairspray. Sarah makes glasses look so fab, doesn't she? I really do admire her.

Mrs.B said...

I think you hair looks great.

In HIS Keeping,

Miranda said...

I LOVE Sarah Palin's hair. I think it would involve alot of teasing, kinda like a wedding hairdo. You were always beautiful, and get prettier as the years pass!