Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just Doing What We Do

Today is a day of just doing what we do around here. I am babysitting Lydia today. I only have one of my four,Justus, because the others are at school. Justus is being very loving and clingy today. He just wants to sit and cuddle with me. I love doing that, because my others don't stay very long before they are off to the next thing. That time of just sitting and cuddling with mommy passes too quickly. The bad thing is that I have a TON to get accomplished today at home and church. I am doing this post while I am holding him--two birds with one stone.

I am still doing laundry from the trip. I am also taking down and putting away all of the fall decorations. ---Yeah, they are still up!! I was gone!! I love having the house decorated for the seasons, but I will readily admit that I do not enjoy packing each one up and pulling out the next. Maybe I will get some Christmas ones put out today, but it also may not be until tomorrow. The house needs a good dusting from being gone for so many days. This old house quickly gets covered in the stuff.

Also, somewhere in this house I have bunches of candlesticks of different sizes and heights. I can't find them. I know exactly where I had them in our last house, but I don't know where I put them when we moved here. I thought I did , but they are not there. I have got to go digging around in the basement to find them in order to have this at my ladies Christmas party that is this Saturday. I have already decorated my ornaments.

After I get the kids from school I have got to get to the church and do some more setting up for the party and digging around for more candles and candle holders. I have a few more decorations to still make. Tonight Aaron is going to help me hang up the 100's of white Christmas lights I have in the fellowship hall. We are using only candles and Christmas lights for our lighting.

I had better go get busy. Justus just got down to play. Enjoy your day!!


Pilar Stark said...

It sounds like is going to be a beautiful party! Will be looking forward seeing some photos of the end result. If you could remember praying for this sunday please, it will be our first service. Love and prayers.

Piatt said...

hey Rach - at least you put up your fall decor :) this year, my "fall decor" consisted of the leaves the girls drug inside after playing outside :)

Miranda said...

Rachel, Have a great party tonight! I'll be thinking about you!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

So, how did the party go?
I'm sure that it was beautiful.
Is laundry and dusting ever caught up?????