Monday, December 15, 2008

I Need Help!

I just can't figure out how to load the video of the kids singing. You must read the post below if you missed out on hearing about "the girl in the red bow". I click on the add video button at the top of a post, choose my video, and push upload. It seems simple enough, just like adding a photo. However, my video attempted to upload for many, many hours and never did. Maybe it is my video or maybe it is how I am trying to add it. Does anyone out there have any tips/help for me?

Also here are some family pics we took this weekend at Emily's house. It is always interesting, funny, and a little frustrating trying to get a picture with all of the kids looking, smiling, and not doing somethimg goofy. We are going to put one of them in our Christmas cards this week.
Which pic do you vote for?


Here are some extras of the kids.

So I have two things for you to comment on, please. Do you have any ideas of what is going on with my video uploading problem and which family pic would you choose?


Piatt said...

Hey Rachel - do you know how BIG your file is? or what FORMAT it is in? that can make a difference...

Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

It is 197MB.

I did not figure out what format.

Piatt said...

blogspot can only upload up to 100 MB video file size... i'll have to get back with you about how to reduce its size, as I dont remember how to do it on a windows-based computer...
but if you think you know someone who WOULD know, just ask them how to reduce the file size and that may be all you need to do...