Friday, December 12, 2008

The Kids' Christmas Program--And the Oscar Goes To...

Preparations in the room before the play...

They are anxiously awaiting their turn to line up...

Asher (in the red vest) with his preschool buddies.

The anticipation is too much for Abbie (in the middle).
She has such an important part that she plans to play that no one knows about!

I don't have one of Chloe in her class. Did you know that she is too old for that? I didn't.

And now presenting....


Asher Forrest Smith- Preschool-choir

Abigail Geneva Smith- Kindergarten- choir and her surprise role as "the girl in the red bow" (explanation below)

Chloe Irene Smith- 2nd grade- choir and playing the baby sister, Kelly

We were very proud of Chloe. There were only 8 speaking parts for the entire school
(1st-12th). She was casted as the 5 year old baby sister, mostly due to her small size, but she didn't miss a single line. She also did an excellent job speaking up where everyone could hear her.

Quiet, Please! The show is about to start!

After the play, I was "the mom of the girl in the red bow". Chloe was the one with the speaking part, but Abbie stole the role as "the star of the show" from everyone who had a part. I am serious! I am not just bragging on my child. Believe me; I was a little embarassed at times. She really got into her singing. She was sooooo loud.She projected very well, one parent told me. Even when all 53 students were singing, the main voice was Abbie. It was like we were listening to "Abbie, the girl in the red bow, and her back up singers the BBA Choir." We laughed and laughed along with everyone else. She had no clue. She was just having a good time!! I do have a video of her singing. I am going to try to figure out how to put it on here sometime today. I haven't advanced that far in the blogging world yet. For another example, I can't figure out why all of this writing is large. I didn't set it that way, but I can't get it to change. It happens again at the bottom of this post.
The kids had to sit and wait patiently while the junior high and high school kids were singing. During Silent Night, they played with--I mean held-- candles.

Joy to the World and Merry Christmas!

The End

Thank You for Coming.

During the show sometimes Justus watched intently.
And other times he did not. Here he is eating his fruit snacks.

Afterwards we all gathered in the classrooms and fellowship hall to look at the kids artwork and enjoy cookies and milk. --- By the way, I had the absolute best cookies. They were chocolate with peppermint patties in them. I am going to search for a recipe. Does anyone have one?

Here is the gingerbread house that Asher's class made. Very cute!!! The kids and I usually attempt to make one of these during the Christmas break. Ours doesn't quite turn out like this though.

After a long night of being the mother of such stars, I am glad to be home in my favorite sweatshirt and pj's.

Good Night!


Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Cute post!
Merry Christmas!

Sharon said...

I enjoyed seeing all the cute children in their play! Would love to hear "the girl in the red bow" sing! :D