Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to School

Today was our first day of school at our new school, Lighthouse Baptist Academy.
The hairbows that I made for about $4.00. They sale these in the stores for $16.00.



And Asher....
and Asher.....
and Asher.....

and Asher again....

and Asher
Aaron took tons of pictures of him. This isn't even all of them. I just laugh everytime I see ALL of these.

The kids in front of their new school.

Abbie by her desk. She is in 1st grade this year.
Asher in his desk. He is in K-4.
Chloe in her desk. She is in 3rd grade this year.
We all had a great first day. The kids came home very excited! They really like their new school.
I had a good first day too. My students were very good. However, my classroom is VERY HOT!! I have lots of students in a little room. I have got to get a BIG FAN in there.


Pilar said...

Look at those uniforms. So cute! Well, it will take a lot of thime of thinking what to put out for them to wear :)

Are you enjoying teaching? I am so happy the school situation got all worked out so well for you guys.

Hey I have an award for you in my blog. Come over to pick it up

Rachel Smith said...


I know. The uniforms cut out a lot of disagreement between Chloe and I on what she can wear to school. It is so easy now!

I am enjoying teaching. :) I really like that I am only there for the first 3 hours, and then I get to go home to Justus.

Thanks for the award. I will come over.

Becky said...
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Becky said...

Sorry I deleted my previous post here, I made a mistake. Just wanted to say that I am so glad everyone had a blessed first day of school. The kids look so cute in their uniforms. The hair ribbons are sweet. Your post gets me a bit teary. It makes me remember when my two were so little. Both my boys are in high school now. They grow up so fast.

Dani Joy said...

well, this is my second attempt at a comment thanks to our server cutting out. Gotta fix that.

I have been following you on FB and havn´t gotten to your blog. So glad to see the pictures of your first day of school. Love the uniforms and the bows. How fun. You did great with them.

That´s so great you can teach and still go home to take care of your little one. Is it pre-k?

i know I had written more but can´t think of it now. :(

Blessings and have a wonderful rest of the week!