Monday, August 17, 2009

Best Friends

Abbie has a best friend, Savannah. Savannah lives in Indiana, but....Savannah's aunt and uncle live right here in Mobile. Savannah's aunt is our girls' piano teacher. Soooo Abbie and Savannah will still get to see each other every now and then. Savannah's family was here this past weekend. We invited her over to spend the night. Even though it had been 7 months since they had last seen each other, the two girls were back together and giggling like it had only been a few days. Abbie was so happy.

Abbie and Savannah this past weekend

Savannah and Abbie on Abbie's last day of school in Indiana.

Abbie and Savannah on the first day of school last year.

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Becky said...

How sweet!! So glad she was well enough to have fun. They sure are cute.