Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'M BACK -- Now let's start catching up!

As you already know by my prolonged absence from the blogging world, we have been CRAZY busy around here this summer. Well, now I am back and have a TON of pictures and things to get you caught up on. I may have to skip a few events, because there are so many between just our everyday lives and church activities. When I last uploaded my pics from my camera to the computer there were almost 500.

This is just a cute picture of the kids playing in the gym at church. They got some rope and tied all of these little scooter seats together to make a train. Then they convinced a daddy to pull them around. Abbie is on the first seat, then Chloe, then Justus, then Asher, then a blank seat, and then a dump truck tied on as the caboose has another baby sitting in the back.
On Wednesday nights we have a King's Kids Bible Club. One Wednesday night we had a Water Works Wednesday. We told the kids to wear dark clothing. The local fire department came to provide the water for our GIANT water slide made out of plastic.

We served watermelon.

And...we had a water balloon fight. Asher is getting ready to get Chloe in the pic below.

Chloe with her friend Mikayla. I don't know what this look is for.

The night ended with the youth pastor getting egged by everyone that brought a visitor.

In our everyday life, I can't keep Justus out of the bathtub. He LOVES all water. He climbed into my bathtub shoes and all and turned on the water all by himself. I have to keep all bathroom doors shut. However, sometimes he is just so fast and sneaky.

For the 4th of July weekend we went to Pensecola, FL. We stayed at the PCC Campus House. We went to the Aviation Museum on the 4th. It was amazing!! I recommend it to anyone going to the Pensecola area. It is the home of the Blue Angels. The museum is filled with so much American history. It also has several interesting things from the current war. You can see pieces from Saddam Hussein's palaces and airport. Oh yeah, and the best part..... IT IS FREE!! I would show you pictures from the museum, but..... I forgot my camera. The only ones we have are on Aaron's phone.

We spent the days before and the 4th of July morning in Florida. We spent the afternoon at home in Alabama. Then for the evening we drove to Pascagoula, MS to watch the fireworks over the Gulf. In Pascagoula they shoot the fireworks off of a barge that is out in the water. It was BEAUTIFUL!

The sunset over the water.

All of us waiting for the fireworks to begin.

The beginning of the fireworks scared Justus sooooooooooooooo much. He cried and cried.

He went to Aaron's lap.

He went to my lap.

Finally, he realized that the noises were the pretty lights in the sky, and he was fine.



We had some visitors from Lighthouse Baptist Church in Indy, the church that Aaron grew up in. They took us out to eat after church at The Original Oyster House. The kids loved the big shark hanging outside!

Our Homebuilder's Sunday school class had a game night. Here is some of our class playing Balderdash. We had laughed so hard that night! Seriously....Ihad coke squirting out of my nose from laughing so hard!!

Well, that's all that I have time for right now. I will hopefully get back on here this afternoon or tomorrow to put up some more. I have Vacation Bible School and Teen Camp to tell you about.


Dani Joy said...

Great pics!! You sure have been fitting a lot into your summer!

OH you went to PCC! Awesome. Did you know that was my Alma Mater? Both my Husband and I graduated from there. I might have told ya though. ;)

Love the white beaches and the fire works!

You look so trim and tan!

Rachel Smith said...


Yes, you did tell me that was where you went to school. Aaron went there too. He was only there for 3 semesters though (96-97)before he transferred. That is how we know Matt and Pilar.

Becky said...

It was great catching up with you Rachel! Love all the pictures. You have been in my thoughts and prayers too. ((hug))

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

So much fun!
Isn't it funny... I thought summer would slow down.. ha ha:) It's been just as busy as homeschooling:) But we've loved every minute!