Monday, August 3, 2009

What's On the Agenda?

Alrighty, so I was going to put up some more pics yesterday afternoon in between services.... Well...we have had some WILD storms around here lately. Our phone and our satellite box were struck by lightning on Saturday. Then yesterday while we were eating our Sunday lunch the power went out and stayed off until about 5 minutes before we left for choir practice and church. (It was a blessing in disguise, because all of the kids took a nap!) Anyway, I MAY have some time LATE tonight to get those loaded on the blog.

I have a busy week. Tomorrow night I have a ladies' meeting at church. It is a back to school theme. I am looking forward to it. I have collected school pictures from several of the ladies. I am going to make placemats with all of the pics on them. Then we are going to play a "Guess Who" game. Today and tomorrow I will mostly preparing for that meeting. On Wednesday and Thursday I have teacher's meetings at school. Also on Wednesday Aaron's mom, sister, our 5 nieces, and an aunt will be coming to visit with us until Sunday night. I am looking forward to having them down here.

Thursday is Chloe's 8th birthday. After my meetings, I am going to make homemade pizza and we will have a party for her and go swimming in the pool, which has been very hard to keep clear with all of this rain. (I will get it clean and clear; then it will rain and pour buckets for several days, and then the pool will turn green again. ) On Friday, we are going to go eat lunch at Lambert's--very fun and yummy! We have rented a beach house for that night. After lunch we will head over there and relax and enjoy the beach. It is tax free weekend for back to school, so on Saturday Corey and I are going to hit the stores kid free that afternoon.

Have a great week!


Mrs.B said...

Thanks for sharing, we also have had rain, rain, and more rain.
Enjoy your time with family!

Have a Blessed day!

~In HIS Keeping,
Mrs. B~

Becky said...

You sure are busy Rachel, but a good kind of busy. Sounds like so much fun. Blessings!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Have a fun weekend!