Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Life As Usual

Hey everyone! Nothing new or really exciting going on around here. We are just busy with life as usual.

We had good services on Sunday. I taught children's church. We had an indoor picnic. I sat the kids on old table cloths on the floor in the fellowship hall. I gave them something to drink and a snack while I taught the lesson. The lesson was on children coming to see Jesus and all that Jesus can do for even a child and how Jesus wants to hear from them. I also taught them several different events and miracles in the Bible that involved children. The kids loved it! I will have to do it again, maybe two or three times a year that way it won't be too often.--- I mean the picnic not the lesson.

Yesterday the kids went to school. I went to the doctor and the hospital to have my bloodwork and pre-op stuff done for my surgery that will be this Friday. While at the doctor's office Justus tripped and hit his head on the corner of the step that goes up to the patient's table. He got a big gash and blood was getting all over. He was SCREAMING!! I don't blame him. He hit it hard. I was glad that we were at a doctor's office. They cleaned him up, fixed him up, and put a cold pack on it. It doesn't look so bad now. However, yesterday was his picture day. Soo... his pictures have a gash on his forehead. We are capturing the memory! We were still in town at lunch time. Justus was sound asleep and not waking up, so I got to eat outside at Panera Bread with him asleep in the stroller. It was quite peaceful. It was sunny. There was a little breeze. I ate my soup and salad and read a magazine. It was great!! (For some reason as I was typing that I just heard and pictured in my mind Tony the Tiger from Kellog's saying that.)

Today I am Cinderella!! I have lots of household chores to do- mostly laundry. It is cold (60), dark, and rainy outside. It will be quiet at home this morning with just Justus and I, but if it is still rainy this afternoon it will be wild. The kids will be stuck inside. After being at school all day, they need to get rid of energy. Outside is the best place for that.


The Scheer Family said...

Hey! Just checking out your blog...I love your updates! Nothing exciting is happening here either. What kind of surgery are you having on Friday? I'll be praying!

Kristie said...

Surgery? Nothing serious I hope.