Monday, September 1, 2008

Spending Time With the Family on Labor Day

We had a very good day today. We went to Richard's and Tonya's (Aaron's aunt and uncle). They live in Indianapolis. The majority of Aaron's family gathered there today. Every year on Labor Day they have squirrel that Richard has hunted. - NO! I do not eat the squirrel myself! They all say that it tastes like chicken. I say give me chicken instead. - Anyway, the kids all played and fished outside. Asher caught three fish. Chloe caught two fish. Abbie caught one fish. I bated a live worm on the hook without making any squealing noises. Abbie also started riding a bike without training wheels today. She just jumped on and did it by herself. The adults all played a game called Mafia. It is too hard to explain on a post, but it is basically a game of brains and bluffing. If you are a good liar or actor, you can do well. It is sort of like a twist between the games Balderdash and Clue. You have to fool or convince people about who you really are or are not instead of writing down a convincing but untrue definition, etc... It was a great game, because everyone could play at the same time. We all had fun, and even a few who are usually very quiet spoke up a little. Everyone liked it so much Emily is now planning to have a Mafia party at her house. It is always nice to get together with family. It is even better when everyone leaves looking forward to when we get to do it again.

Look down below for pics of the kids' fish and a few others.

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Anna Ruwersma said...

Hey your blog is looking great! It looks like you had a fun Labor Day weekend. the pictures are great. We are praying for you and the church. We appreciate all your comments on our blog, your prayers, and your support.