Saturday, November 7, 2009

Church Fall Festival

Last night we had our Fall Festival at church. The kids played lots of games, ate a truck load of junk, drank liters of coke, won several prizes, and brought home gobs of candy. I had to work a booth at the Fall Festival, but someone else did take my camera around for a few minutes and get a few pictures. Some of them are blurry, but they are better than none at all.

Abbie, Hannah (Chloe's friend from school), Chloe, and BryslynnJustus got a football painted on his face. Asher fishing at the Go Fish game.

Raul walked Justus around since Aaron and I were both in a booth.
The girls doing the Cake Walk. Chloe won some cupcakes. Abbie and Hannah brought home cookies.

Look at Justus' face. He is thrilled about all of the candy in his bag.

After the festival, Chloe had a friend spend the night. I popped some popcorn, and they watched movies in the living room. There were sounds of giggling girls until about 4 something this morning. This is what the living room looks like first thing this morning.

Today we are going to Pensacola to visit Kayla at PCC. We are going to take her out to eat, go see the Lighthouse, go bowling and go ice skating at the Sports Center. There will be more pics soon.

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Becky said...

What a fun autumn you are having with the kids. Thanks for sharing pictures. Your children are so precious!